Voice's slowed down during gameplay?

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I have decided to go back to one of my earlier saves and do every possibly mission in ME2 and do the DLC which I just bought the first 2 that I missed since they were on sale. I did not remember this ever happening before in ME2, but during firefights the voice-over gets slowed down considerably into a low pitched indecipherable moan. Has anyone else noticed this happening? I thought it was just an isolated bug at first since it happened on the kasumi dlc, but it has happened upwards of 5 times since on non dlc missions with any character. Just seems weird that I've only noticed it now.  It only happens during gameplay not cutscenes.

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Yeah it's happened to me plenty of times, it's pretty creepy sounding

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Do you mean during getting shot?
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I know it happens when you zoom in with your sniper rifle because it slows down time. I think it also happens when you get low on health.

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If you pick the infiltrator class you receive a time dilation effect when you zoom a sniper rifle, that makes the voices go slow. I don't think they slow when you are taking damage but the audio definitely washes out.

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@W0lfbl1tzers said:
" I know it happens when you zoom in with your sniper rifle because it slows down time."
This.  Also I think that it just gets... fuzzy when you're low on health?  Or murky like you're underwater.
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@dubios451: yeah but I think it happens even after I am using another weapon. Maybe the effect causes the audio to just get queued up and then it happens. Its getting pretty annoying though, I must not have noticed it during my first playthrough since I've always used an infiltrator and I love the sniper rifles. 
@StarvingGamer:  I know what you're talking about, but thats more of a muffled effect.  
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With the vanguard, time slows down when leveled up. I noticed it but it i always assumed its because time as slowed down a bit, which tends to happen

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@Dany: That's right, after you charge as a Vanguard you get a second of slowdown as well.
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Im playing as soldier and this is exactly happening to me.  Time isn't slowing down, but the actors voices are.  I'm not sure why. 

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@grant742: this is what it seems like, just the VO, not anything else
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@MrOldboy: No, he's right; I play soldier and hear the voices go really low as well. Lower than is possible without distortion. I think it's either when you're about to die or during adrenalin rush?
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@Jimmi: I think it's just some sort of bug; I have characters of the Soldier and Infiltrator class, and they both seem to have issues in combat where the voices go very low- even when I'm not zooming in/ using Adrenaline rush. 
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Dude it happens every time you sprint, I didn't know it was an issue I just thought it was an effect from running real fast.

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Just replayed, and while I'd noticed it before, it felt really prominent this time. Every time you sprint, VO gets soooo low. Seems like a design choice, but it sounds so stupid and out of place I feel like it may be some sort of bug while playing as a Soldier.

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When you have a sprint speed bonus from your armor (or from the soldier class) for some reason instead of actually making you run faster, it slightly slows down time when you're running.  A very odd design choice on Bioware's part.

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@blacklabeldomm said:
" Dude it happens every time you sprint, I didn't know it was an issue I just thought it was an effect from running real fast. "
Yes.  I always thought it was just them trying to give you the effect of you moving so fast things are slowing down around you slightly.
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thats interesting, I'll have to check next time and see if I have any speed bonuses.

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