Which DLC to play pre-ME3?

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I saw a fairly similar thread topic as this, but didn't want to jack the guy's thread so I started this new, slightly different one. Here is my situation:

I completed ME2 quite a while ago, and at the time did not have a connection to Live, so I did not play ANY of the DLC, including the free stuff. I really enjoyed the game, and I now am connected to Live so I want to experience more of it before heading into ME3 (which I received today via UPS, by the way, so I will be playing it at some point). As much I liked the game, though, I do not want to play the whole thing over, and will only be using post-main game save.

So, with those things in mind, which DLC should I get? Assume money and disk space are no object, and that I'd be playing post-main game, so anything not playable at that point is out. Thanks.

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I would definitely play Arrival if you want to see exactly what leads to Shepard being on Earth in Mass Effect 3.

If you are interested in Liara, I'd play Lair of the Shadow Broker.

Overlord had an interesting story but I don't think it will tie in that much.

And Kasumi is a pretty cool character too, I guess.

All the DLC isn't jaw-dropping but it's, for the most part well done.

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Shadow Broker is the only one worth full price.

Kasumi is a good party member but her story isn't incredible.

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All of it.

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Shadow Broker is the one that ties into ME3 the most.

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Thanks for the responses. What if i am not all that worried about the DLC necessarily tying into ME3? Is it worth getting the Zaeed and Kasumi ones just to sustain the ME2 experience for a bit longer? I'm thinking Overlord, Shadow Broker and Arrival are pretty much going to be definite downloads for me, at this point. Are there any add-ons that are unplayable with a post-main game save? Or not even worth bothering with with a post-main game save?

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I've been playing through the DLC myself, since I never got through most of it back in the day. Here's what I think of the ones I've completed so far.

Normandy Crash Site: Very short, just intended for players of ME1 to reminisce about the Normandy SR-1. You walk around the frozen wreck collecting dog tags and exploring the various pieces of debris.

Zaeed: He's a pretty neat companion, personally one of my favorites. It's too bad he's downloadable, which means there's no actual dialogue trees or conversations to be had, just him telling war stories. Still, his abilities are good, particularly Inferno Grenade. His loyalty mission is short and straightforward.

Kasumi: I kinda hate this character, I feel like whoever wrote her dialogue is channeling his/her inner Japanophile. Still, her loyalty mission is pretty fun, it's basically a heist where you are doing non-combat things for a while (though later it becomes the complete opposite). Her Shadow Strike ability is very unique (and doesn't even require loyalty, oddly enough).

Project Firewalker: A series of land-based missions in a hovercraft. The Hammerhead vehicle is really cool and has you flying and jumping around in platforming sections, with far better controls than the Mako ever had. The actual missions... not really too interesting.

Project Overlord: A rogue VI wrecks a Cerberus outpost, and you come to the rescue. It's a lengthy piece of content, you travel between several facilities and use the Hammerhead. The ending is pretty crazy.

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how exactly is this different than any of the other "which DLC before ME3?" topics? the answers are always the same.

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I would definitely play Overlord if you want a fanastic solitary story level.

I would play Shadow Broker if you like the mythos and like to know an alternate opinion on your characters and what other shady characters know about you (honestly I think the actually gameplay art of it isn't fantastic with it just having a cool set-piece).

I would play arrival last to get pumped for ME3, but again the level design isn't as great and it is kind of sub-par ending-wise.

The characters are ok but aren't spectacular.

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@DeF: chill out, your lordship. i only saw one other similar topic in the ME2 forum (about a guy trying to figure out which save to use) before i started this. the easy solution to this problem would be for you not to open the thread. thanks to all who responded with good info.

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@UitDeToekomst: sorry, I get randomly cranky sometimes ...

It's just that I feel I've seen this asked here before many times.

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Here's The DLC I'm most interested in for Mass Effect 2:

Lair of the Shadow Broker, because I've been wanting to meet him for years, and I love Liara. She's one of my favorite characters in the series.

Overlord: It sounds lengthy and really creepy.

Arrival: When I played Mass Effect 3 as my Female Shepard, I was on Earth, forced to stay there and stripped of my command because I had been working with Cerberus. I heard this ties nicely into part 3, so that's why I'm curious.

That's it really, I'm not really interested in the extra teammates, Zaeed, or Kasumi, unless someone recommends I download them.

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@Rolyatkcinmai said:

All of it.


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