Which ME2 class should I go with?

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I just finished Mass Effect a few minutes ago (great game!) and I'm eager to jump into the sequel. However I have no idea what class to go with. I was a Soldier in the first game but that's because I couldn't figure out how to change it when I was starting the game (feel free to laugh, I deserve it).
I want to try something different this time (like biotics - those look cool). One friend recomended the Vanguard and another suggested the Sentinel since he's jack of all trades.  Or should I go full Adept? Or maybe an Engineer?
In ME I mainly used the assault riffle with some shotgun use peppered in for those extra close encounters of the third kind...

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Soilder, cuz shooting things is fun.

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I feel like Soldier makes the game too easy. With heavy armor and specialty ammo, you just mow stuff down. In ME, I was basically a walking tank when I turned on Immunity.

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Try adept, you can have a lot of fun using singularity.

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I like the Vanguard class. It meshes the soldier and biotic traits.

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Adept (especially on higher settings) for a more tactical approach to combat or go Vanguard and biotic charge the enemies and then shotgun them on the face.
Both fun, Adept's my personal favorite tho.

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Stay with soldier. They get assault rifles and bullet time. Plus, you can get bonus skills by completing loyalty missions, meaning that you can still have a biotic power or something. 

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Sentinel was pretty fun.  Tech armor makes a lot of things easier.

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Go with vanguard. You still get to whoop ass with guns, and you get some biotics thrown in too. It's fun teleporting right into guys and then shooting them in the face with a shotgun. 

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Vanguard is super exciting.

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I beat the game with Solider, infiltrator and vanguard and out of all of those I liked the vanguard the most. The charge and other biotic abilities are OP at max levels.

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 The classes are fairly different than Mass Effect 1. Most powers require enemies to have their defenses down and some have been taken out/modified and powers all share a lengthy cooldown which can be decreased with talents/upgrades.. Infiltrators, Vanguards, and Sentinels are now fully featured, unique classes. Each class has a special class-specific ability which are mostly new to Mass Effect 2. Also armor isn't full body anymore, it is in pieces (shoulders, legs, helmet, etc) and every class can use every piece of armor. No more weapon mods either. If you don't want to focus of shooting too much this time, then stay away from Soldier, Vanguard, and Infiltrator. Soldiers have a few new powers such as a Concussive Shot to knock guys back, ammo powers, and bullet-time, but the gameplay is largely the same - point Assault Riffle, shoot.  
Vanguards use Shotguns and Biotic Charge to get up close with enemies around the map and blast 'em away. The charge never gets old, its a riot to zoom to basically any enemy and shoot them down, but your powers (Pull, Shockwave) require enemy shields/armor/barriers to be down, so they don't see as much airtime as your gun. Pick this if you want close-range gunplay and power use. 
Infiltrators have AI Hack which can be somewhat useful and Incinerate which does great damage, but you will mainly be using your Tactical Cloak to turn invisible and sniping people in slow motion (one talent activates slo-mo when you scope into a Sniper Rifle). Your squad members might be more crucial with this class to keep guys away from you. Pick this if you want long-range shooting with minor power use thrown in.
Adepts are a blast. It is a bit slow to start since your powers that damage enemy defenses and powers that manipulate enemy weight share the same cooldown, but you will eventually get enough talents and upgrades that you will be tossing entire groups of enemies off skyscrapers. You use a lot of powers in conjunction to be most effective like Pull > Throw or Singularity > Warp. You may require some help from your squad mates at times to get through shields if you don't feel like shooting at all (which is a totally viable way to play Adept). Pick this if you want to fling people around like ragdolls and want very little, if any, gun use.
Engineers have good range of powers to break through enemy defenses and control. They can hack and stun synthetic enemies and also burn and freeze organic enemies. Their special, the Combat Drone, is great for flanking people out of cover, doing decent damage, and getting enemy attention in near-death situations. You can even specialize to make it explode when it dies. Pick this if you want great battlefield control. 
Sentinels maybe do the least damage of the bunch but with your Tech Shield power, which stuns nearby foes when depleted and can be immediately reapplied, you are almost unkillable. You have a few control abilites to freeze or throw enemies away and you are the only power using class that has abilities to get through all types of enemy defense (armor/barriers/shields). The downside is that Tech and Biotic powers share the same cooldown so using both together is usually not an option. Pick this if you want to have the most survivability and an advantage against any type of enemy, but at the cost of some damage and downtime waiting for cooldowns.
tl;dr version: read the last line of each description. Hope it helps.

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I always enjoyed soldier. Play on the hardest difficulty though, makes things interesting.

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I tried Vanguard as my first class when i played ME2 and i thought it was really a good mix between shooting and biotics. I recently finished a sentinel play through which i really liked as well. I would say Vanguard, the charge ability is pretty neat.  

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Ha! I did the same thing, I was trying to customize my Mass Effect '1' shepard but it said 'Are you sure you want to continue?' 
I stuck with my soldier, completed the story today, but I would recommend a run through with one of biotic classes or the infiltrator.

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Go Insanity with an Adept.  That's how you take off the training wheels on this game.

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 Infiltrator is the way to go, most fun I had with the game, Adept was pretty boring.

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The Sentinel gives you a taste of all the class focuses, and Tech Armor is fantastic against husks. The Soldier is cool too, and a lot more interesting than in the first game.

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Wow am I the only one who played engineer? I really enjoyed the ice and fire powers and the drone was kick ass. You can really mix up the tactics as engineer.

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Sentinel. You can handle any situation. 

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Honestly, just go with whatever you think looks cool. Unless you're playing on "Insanity", all the classes are strong enough to blow through the game. My favorites were Adept and Engineer...they offered pretty unique experiences that I never really had in any other 3rd person shooter before. 

#24 Posted by Amblix (12 posts) -

The soldier for a Mass Effect 3 save.


The Adept for fun and a chllenge on Insanity.

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@Enigma777:  Play it 6 times and do all 6 choices....thats what I did...pretty fun!!
#26 Posted by SuperEvilDOOM (30 posts) -

Soldier - The basic and rather boring run and gun tank. It's a very damaging and easy class to use but I personally like playing almost anything else.  Ammo powers make it rather simple to do lots of damage and also help the squad if you upgrade them.

Engineer - Good weapon potential if you have Kasumi's Stolen Memory (because of the Locust SMG) and the special drone ability can be a very useful distraction. Overall Engineers are expert at taking off shields but most enemies have armor which can make it tough.  

Adept - Pure biotics make the game rather easy on Normal or lower because no enemies will have any protection. The way ME2 works with biotics basically nerfs how overpowered they were in Mass Effect 1. The universal cooldown keeps you from raining all of your powers down on enemies at once and most biotics like Pull or Throw won't work on enemies with shields/armor/barrier. Decent class unless you raise the difficulty. Singularity is their unique ability which is great crowd control. 

Sentinel - Uber tank potential with Tech Armor and a great jack of all trades class.  You have Warp and Overload to take care of armored and shielded opponents so there really isn't anything you can't handle.

Infiltrator - Highly effective class and it's unique Cloak ability is very fun to use. Not the kind of class you should be running recklessly with but cloak can get you out of situations fast but also help you flank and get into the fight just as fast.  Also has Incinerate which is the most effective power against armor, which is the protection most enemies have throughout the game.

Vanguard -  If you plan on playing higher difficulties with the same character, stay away from Adept and Vanguard. They are paper thin classes that get torn up in battle. Vanguard in particular is a class that sounds great on paper but it has always been the kamikaze class of Mass Effect. It's high risk and high reward but in each game it's probably the worst class to stick with through multiple playthroughs especially on harder difficulties. The Charge ability also is more harmful than it is useful and you have to rely too much on teammates to strip defenses of enemies.

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Adept f0 life <3
#28 Posted by tourgen (4542 posts) -
@Enigma777:  VANGUARD!!!!!!!  Max charge and spam it + shotgun + ammo powers
Sentinel is O.K. too but far more conservative and standard gameplay.
Engineer is pretty weak on the higher difficulty settings.
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@SuperEvilDOOM said:
Vanguard -  If you plan on playing higher difficulties with the same character, stay away from Adept and Vanguard. They are paper thin classes that get torn up in battle.

I'm not trying to be an ass - but you're playing Vanguard wrong.  Charge recovers shield and gives you a bit of bullet-time when it's max'ed.  It's seriously powerful and allows a Vanguard to speedrun the game on insanity mode.  You just can't play it like any other class.
#30 Posted by karatetron (692 posts) -

Vanguard, broski!

#31 Posted by Dtat (1634 posts) -

Vanguard. If you're doing Insanity, I'd go with Adept.

#32 Posted by xyzygy (10104 posts) -

Adept or Infiltrator. Infiltrator's Cloaking skill plus some power upgrades via armor and the Widow make a deadly combination. Adepts are just too damn fun.

#33 Posted by Enigma777 (6067 posts) -

Thanks for all of the replies. I went with Soldier since I found out he had bullet time... 
Anyways, I finished the game yesterday and it was awesome. I don't agree with them taking out certain things (like the inventory and character customization) but it's still an excellent game.

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I had the same problem and I went adept and the gameplay (along with the changes already made from the first game) was drastically more fun.

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to have the most fun 
i would say vanguard on normal difficulty 
adept can be pretty fun too because its fun to mess with the enemies 
you should play the game on normal though

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#37 Posted by Red (5994 posts) -

Sentinel is definitely easiest to play as, and it has a good rhythm with powers. I beat the game on Insanity as a Sentinel with very few problems. 
I played through first as an infiltrator, though, and that was also pretty fun to play as.

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I've played a decent amount of playthroughs and thought the solider was the most fun and easiest to pickup and play.

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I was soldier in the first one as well. Vanguard is the best choice.

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I played a vanguard, but it seems like there's no real wrong answer.

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Have fun on your first playthrough.  
For your Insanity run, I'd suggest you think about playing Vanguard. Because the Vanguard can do crazy shit. Like take on the Colossus on its lonesome.  

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@tourgen said:
" @SuperEvilDOOM said:
Vanguard -  If you plan on playing higher difficulties with the same character, stay away from Adept and Vanguard. They are paper thin classes that get torn up in battle.

I'm not trying to be an ass - but you're playing Vanguard wrong.  Charge recovers shield and gives you a bit of bullet-time when it's max'ed.  It's seriously powerful and allows a Vanguard to speedrun the game on insanity mode.  You just can't play it like any other class. "
Charge is still suicidal if you use it offensively the majority of the time on Insanity and the Vanguard guns and powers are rather situational and ineffective against enemies with protection. Since everything on Insanity has tons of protection, it's a noticeably more difficult character to use and relies heavily on using your squad.

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