Which song from the OST is this....?

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Hello all, hope you are having a pleasant day. 
I was wondering, it pops up a few times during the game, and in this trailer: 
I was wondering what the name of the soundtrack music is which plays from around 0:56 - 1:10. Anyone have any ideas?

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Oh yeah, I recognise that track. Plays during some moments that had a timer ticking down I recall (the one where the Geth have seized a ship during a side mission for example), though don't know the actual theme title. Sorry =S

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It sounds like It could be part of Grunt's theme, but I couldn't say for sure.

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@Dany: Holy crap, you're right! It's Garrus' theme - thanks, I've been looking for ages! You, my friend, deserve medals!
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That's Garrus?  I was positive that was the music they played on the main floor of Afterlife.

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