Which weapon/equipment DLC is the most useful?

#1 Posted by Disco_Godfather (21 posts) -

I have enough money sitting in my PSN wallet for one of the weapon/equipment DLC packs. Which would be the most useful to a Soldier on Insanity? The equaliser pack has helmets that recharge shields and powers, which could be useful, the Recon pack has collector armour and assault rifle and three pieces of headgear (with unspecified characteristics), and the Firepower pack just has 3 decent looking weapons. Does anyone know which is the one to go for?

#2 Posted by Gridius (8 posts) -

I would say get the firepower pack. The pistol and shotgun you get are both the most powerful in their respective categories and the assault rifle you get is the strongest assault rifle in the hands of your allies plus it's pretty good when you use it too.

#3 Posted by Vaile (386 posts) -

Firepower, most definitely.

#4 Posted by DoctorTran (1584 posts) -

Fire power pack. Also whatever pack has the three round burst sniper rifle.

#5 Posted by FritzDude (2316 posts) -

Get the power... Nintendo power... Oh, i mean fire power pack.

#6 Posted by Disco_Godfather (21 posts) -

Brilliant, a unanimous verdict. Firepower it is. Cheers people. Get yourselves a drink (if you're of drinking age, if not..... Apple Tango is still a pretty good drink).

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