Why did no one play engineer?

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#1 Posted by theguy (796 posts) -

Who else played engineer as their main play through? The general idea i get from the forums and other sites is that hardly anyone chose my favourite class. I had watched all the videos before release and it was a toss up between adept and engineer. So what classes did you chose and why did they interest you?

#2 Edited by MonstroUK (74 posts) -

I played as an Engineer in both my Mass Effect and my Mass Effect 2 main playthroughs. I love Engineer type classes in games.

#3 Edited by Underachiever007 (2468 posts) -

I always play the engineer class in any game that gives me the opportunity.

#4 Posted by BraveToaster (12588 posts) -

I have more fun with the Soldier class. 

#5 Posted by kingzetta (4307 posts) -

The drone sucks 
infiltrator is where it's at

#6 Posted by Drakhir (410 posts) -

Infiltrator here as well.

#7 Posted by theguy (796 posts) -
 I did give infiltrator a go for a while but I dunno... just wasn't feeling it
#8 Posted by Venatio (4493 posts) -

I like weapons and occasional use of biotics
Soldier is perfect for me

#9 Posted by Malakhii (1443 posts) -
@Axxol said:
" I have more fun with the Soldier class.  "
Me too. They made the game more shootery, so I played it like a shooter. 
#10 Posted by Clinkz (1118 posts) -

That class didn't seem too fun I suppose. I went with vanguard because thats the class I played in the first game...and I paid dearly for it on insane difficulty.

#11 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8699 posts) -

The drone didn't contribute to the class enough I think, and whatever the engineer can my other chars also can or my squad can do it better.
Engineer felt like it could do lots, but didn't quite mastered any of the skills. 

Adept is the only way for me to play Mass Effect for real.

#12 Posted by Sweep (8948 posts) -

The combat abilities of the Engineer seemed pretty lame. The drone was fucking useless, and the fire and ice attacks did fuck all against anything with biotic barriers or shields making the class almost useless for the harder difficulty where every fucker you meet has got a biotic barrier or a shield. 
Mind you, I played Vanguard and that was equally terrible on Insane. Maybe I just suck at Mass Effect 2?

#13 Edited by Yummylee (22268 posts) -

I've got a current playthrough as an Engineer goin' on now, though I'm not liking the class all that much. The drone is easily the most dull unique class skill of the lot, and Biotics > Tech skills imo. 
They need to start giving classes more passive skills, so that even sucky classes like the Engineer can have some benefits over the rest. Being able to instantly overload hacks and locked doors would be a sweet bonus.

#14 Posted by Afroman269 (7387 posts) -
@Clinkz said:
" That class didn't seem too fun I suppose. I went with vanguard because thats the class I played in the first game...and I paid dearly for it on insane difficulty. "
I picked Vanguard, which is my favorite. Also I agree that on Insane, it's the worst choice ever. I couldn't beat the game so I started fresh as a soldier and was able to ace it.
#15 Posted by NoCookiesForYou (765 posts) -

Count me as an lame-o, played both ME games with the soldier class. Next time i'll have to play as an biotic.

#16 Posted by FreakAche (2955 posts) -

Psh! Vanguard is the way to go.

#17 Posted by haggis (1677 posts) -

I always find tech skills boring. Engineers are fine as support characters, but I just don't want to play as one. I'm hoping they beef up the tech skills in ME3, or offer something unique for the class to make it worth playing. I've played as an Adept, Vanguard, Infiltrator, Sentinel. They all felt powerful in their own unique ways, and force you to play the game in different ways. The Engineer just never clicked with me. Of course, the Soldier class never clicked with me either, and people seem to love that. To each their own.

#18 Posted by yogetoutdaway (126 posts) -

I was infiltrator in the first one because it had both immunity and decryption which basically meant it was a self sufficient class. I tried infiltrator in 2 and found I no longer dug it; hearing Krogans taunt me for turning invisible actually made me feel like a coward. So I switched to soldier with the geth shield bonus and the widow sniper. Best. Shepard. Ever.

#19 Posted by Raakill (870 posts) -

Sentinel all the way through 1 & 2, broad palette of abilities. The Infiltrator and Soldier are alright too, haven't played enough of any other class.

#20 Posted by ShaneDev (1696 posts) -

I never tried any other classes other than Adept but the drone for the engineer looked awful from videos I had seen.

#21 Posted by GravityProof (282 posts) -

Imagine getting buttfucked by vanguard. It's all uh-uh-uh-uh-SPACE UH!

#22 Posted by masternater27 (918 posts) -
@Clinkz said:
" That class didn't seem too fun I suppose. I went with vanguard because thats the class I played in the first game...and I paid dearly for it on insane difficulty. "
#23 Posted by CrazedMaverick (215 posts) -

It was probably cause the drones were useless. I went through has an infiltrator, adept and soldier. Infiltrator was fun for the sniping, but i didn't really find the whole invisible for a few seconds thing useful except to run and recover. Soldier is probably the easiest class to play. But adept man, I loved just throwing biotics all over the place.

#24 Posted by EndlessObsidian (477 posts) -

I rolled a Mage all the way...... wait wrong game. 

#25 Posted by Demyx (3237 posts) -

Sentinel and Infiltrator are the best.

#26 Posted by Evilsbane (4694 posts) -

 I Really Really Really didn't wanna play the solider again but after messing with the other classes soldier just kicks so much ass...

#27 Posted by sarahsdad (1119 posts) -

I tried engineer for a while, but didn't really have fun with deploying the drone as a special ability. 
Favorites so far have been Infiltrator and Soldier, in that order. 
Infiltrator was fun for the cloak and shoot capability, and Soldier was fun to just go in and mess around with.

#28 Posted by allenibrahim (377 posts) -

I play a Sentinel because the armor is awesome, the abilities are very versatile, and you feel like a knight in shining armor.

#29 Posted by Walreese55 (508 posts) -

I forgot that there were classes in Mass Effect 2. All I remembered from Mass Effect 1 was that the soldier was the only one who could use the machine gun/assault rifle and that not using a machine gun sucked

#30 Posted by Enigma777 (6084 posts) -

Cause engineer sucks. It's all about the Soldier, baby!

#31 Posted by blueaniman93 (604 posts) -

i played as engineer on my 6th runthrough

#32 Posted by tourgen (4542 posts) -

I played thru ME1 with an engineer once and it was O.K.  I looked at the class in ME2 and decided it really isn't my way.  I might run her thru ME2 some day tho.
For me it's Vanguard.  There is no other choice.  2 of the vanguard skills are useless in the harder difficulties but heavy inferno ammo and maxed out charge more than make up for it.  Vanguard just cranks the volume up so much more than any other class that I can't even play them anymore.  Don't get me wrong I like them all, especially Adept and Sentinel.  But vanguard in insane mode is .. well it's mostly why I love the game so much.
Anyone having trouble with vanguard (like I did when I first tried the class) .. just set your mind free.  This is not a soldier or adept class.  If you play it like one you probably won't be able to finish insane mode.  Charge should never be recycled.  It should always be recycling.  forget the other biotic powers theyre trash above normal difficulty mode.  heavy inferno ammo, party cryo ammo, max charge, area reave.  your choice of shotguns.  charge, circle strafe while popping in and out of cover, charge, ..

#33 Posted by Vaile (355 posts) -

Because I did? My main character was an Engineer in ME1 for all the encryption I could do, then I carried over into ME2, figuring I would have the same perks. 
But no, BioWare decided that everyone should be able to hack into everything
ME3, I'm switching to Sentinel. I had a lot more fun with that than almost any other class in ME2.

#34 Posted by HaltIamReptar (2029 posts) -

I played as Engineer.
I just used the drone as something to distract bad guys with for 3-5 seconds.

#35 Posted by jorbear (2517 posts) -

Adept owned. I loved it so much, that I have not even bothered to try out another class.

#36 Posted by Jaqen_HGhar (944 posts) -

I always play as either the guy who can snipe the eyelashes off the enemy, or the guy who can appear out of nowhere then disappear again when the enemy is dead. So Infiltrator is what I played in both ME and ME2. The only complaint I have about that is the minimal amount of ammo the sniper usually have. But man does it feel good to one-shot most enemies. 
Maybe I'll do a run-through of the entire trilogy someday in the future, trying a different class. But I kinda like having one specific feel to the games. Would feel kinda wrong playing as something else.

#37 Posted by GreyFox (138 posts) -

I was engineer. Mainly because I was engineer in ME1, and because I'm a techy person.
Then on my renegade play through I played as vanguard, the combat was pretty different with that one. Both were fun. Maybe Vanguard was more fun, but will start with engi in ME3 anyway.

#38 Posted by Veektarius (4966 posts) -

I have a tough time selling myself on classes with only two weapon proficiencies.  Three is fine, but only two.. I don't know if I'm the only one but I can easily deplete the ammo for two different weapons in a harder fight.  I suppose that the adept/engineer/sentinel classes offer alternate means of dealing damage, but I like shooting.  

#39 Posted by warxsnake (2650 posts) -

i played Adept, Vanguard and Engineer. 
All better than plain soldier anyway.

#40 Posted by nintendoeats (5975 posts) -

Does the engineer get a baseball bat? 'Cause then I'm gonna have to roll a new character...

#41 Edited by SmasheControllers (2552 posts) -

Engineer just wasn't good. There's only about 3 mission were you face Geth or Mechs, and those are the only enemies that are effected by the Engineer. All other classes just felt better, Adept - Crowd Control, Sential - Ability Tanking, Infiltrator and Vanguard - Combat and Ability Balance and Solider - "Bulletstorm" 
I've played every class at least once, and playing engineer was painful.

#42 Posted by Yummylee (22268 posts) -
@SmashedControllers said:
" Engineer just wasn't good. There's only about 3 mission were you face Geth or Mechs, and those are the only enemies that are effected by the Engineer. All other classes just felt better, Adept - Crowd Control, Sential - Ability Tanking, Infiltrator and Vanguard - Combat and Ability Balance and Solider - "Bulletstorm"  I've played every class at least once, and playing engineer was painful. "
I agree that the Engineer's a pretty crappy class as mentioned in my previous posts here, but just had to clarify that there are a lot of missions were you face mechs, and the Geth do make some sporadic appearances as well. 
And... christ, I mean the mechs are freakin' everywhere! You face them just as often as you do the merc bands, overall. Just when was the last time you played ME2??
#43 Posted by dancinginfernal (476 posts) -

As I recall, I played Engineer in ME1 because he had Decryption. In ME2 I just found it fun. Armor and Barriers go down pretty quick and pulling a specialization in Sniper Rifles makes your life increasingly simple.

#44 Posted by SmasheControllers (2552 posts) -
@Abyssfull: Yeah, I guess your right. I haven't played since Lair was released.
#45 Posted by ArbitraryWater (11989 posts) -

It's pretty simple: no one wants the main character to be a support class. If video games are partially based on adolescent power fantasies, then what kind of badassery can be achieved with a drone, as opposed to bullet time, cloaking, a charge, a super shield, and a black hole? Of all the classes in that game, Engineer is the only one I think they failed to make cool or fun to play in any respect.

#46 Posted by wrathofconn (1464 posts) -

All Sentinel, all the time.

#47 Posted by Sooty (8082 posts) -

I did Soldier on normal, Infiltrator on insanity, much preferred the latter. I did think insanity was easy though.

#48 Posted by Helimocopter (369 posts) -

I still have a hard time imagining people playing anything other than a vanguard

#49 Edited by otaku313 (22 posts) -

Playing as a solider seems like a cop-out. Can you even die with that class? Seriously. If I can make is all the way through my second play through as an Adept (On insanity mind you) it would be a walk in the park with the Soldier. I like using the Adept because it has both Off/Def strategies. I can use my barrier to absorb damage, my guns(you get the heavy pistol and SMG witch offer both ranged and close combat. Not to mention you can get an Assault Rifle, Snipe, or shotty to supplement later) Not to mention the in game fiction of the Biotics and where they came from,are badass. Basically, you cant go wrong! 
As others have said, tech classes are for support roles and thats not for me. Well, in other games maybe, but in Mass Effect its all about MY character, MY choices, MY F'N STORY!
#50 Posted by StarvingGamer (8456 posts) -

Because the Drone is dumb. It's the only "unique" class ability that isn't so unique since Tali also gets it.

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