Will Wrex be on the ps3 version?

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So I've played Mass Effect 1 on the PC about 7 times and I love it, I've also read the books so I'm pretty committed to this series. I would have loved to play 2 on the PC as well but my computer wouldn't run it, being a Mac running bootcamp it looked terrible, so I decided to wait for the PS3 version. I'm pretty bummed I won't be able to carry my Shepard over but since the PS3 version has a motion comic that allows you to make important choices it will all be ok... as long as I can make it so Wrex isn't dead. Does anyone know if Wrex will be in the PS3 version? I cannot imagine playing it without my favourite character in the game. 

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Don't see why they'd remove it.

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If he isn't they're gonna end up burying copies of that game in the desert.

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Why wouldn't he be?

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I don't think they'll take him out of it. A bigger question is weather Ashley or Kaiden gets to be in it.

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There will be a motion comic were you make the decisions you were supposed to make in the 1st one, killing or nor killing Wrex being one of them. 

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Maybe it'll have some effect in 3, but seriously, in 2, Wrex does nothing, he might as well not be in the game really. Then again, same goes for just about every other squadmate.
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@Axxol said:
" Why wouldn't he be? "
I believe if you just play ME2 without importing on 360 or PC Wrex is dead so I was wondering if the same goes for PS3 owners. 
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Non import games of ME2 had it so Wrex was killed in the first one. So doesn't look too good. They should really just let you decide on that stuff. Brad made it sound earlier builds had it so when Jacob was quizzing you about your past you'd be deciding it there. Don't know why they would take that out.

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Don't you choose in the comic? 
Also if PS3 owners haven't played ME, they won't know anything about Wrex, Kaiden, or Ashley so i why would they care if he is in it. Thats my problem with the comic, there is no way they develop the characters and story enough to make any of the choices anything to care about.

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@zombie2011: I would care because I have heard about Wrex "on the internet" and would be interested in seeing the character. 
Also I intend to play Mass Effect 1 on PC (Just like OP did) before the PS3 version comes out.

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