Your opinion on the genophage.

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Even though Wrex was one of my favorite characters from the first game I have to say the genophage was the right thing to implement. Mordin didn't want to kill off the Krogan so instead he created something that limited their reproduction rates. If the Krogan were able to create a massive army there would be mindless bloodshed. I kinda hated that every time I agreed with Mordin and the genophage I'd get renegade points but w/e. How about you guys?

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Yeah, I guess. Kind of a weird thing to bring up all of a sudden, especially with no spoiler tags or anything. 

#4 Posted by TheSeductiveMoose (3629 posts) -

It was uncool, brah.

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Mordin played the role of devil's advocate. It's hard to justify such a massive alteration to a species because it puts fear in others. If the Slarians can do this to one race, what would happen if they went rouge. Of course the genophage was justified because the Krogen are like a virus, they just move from place to place killing and destroying anything the come into contact with. It may not be the natural order of things, but it kept the rest of the galaxy safe.

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Considering the consequences if they hadn't introduced the genophage to the Krogan population, I feel it was the least horrible choice to make.

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@MooseyMcMan The genophage was from the first game and learning Mordin was the cause is in the start of the game so I didn't think it was that much of a spoiler, if it was I'm sorry. I don't know how to put the spoiler drop down on he mobile site.
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@RE_Player92:  It's worth remembering that Mordin was responsible for a second genophage variation, not the original (which happened in the more distant past). So Mordin was only doing what had already been done before, ie., modifying the genophage in order to prevent the Krogans from evolving past it. The original decision was not his. This doesn't change anything about the morality of the original genophage (on which there are widely varying opinions), but it does effect how we see Mordin's role in it (as someone who was maintaining a decision made by others).
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The genophage was nescessary due to the nature of the krogan race. The Genophage cure research data will probably benefit Shepard in the end because if the whole krogan race unites under Wrex's leadership they could be a formidable ally in fending off the reaper attacks alluded to in the ME3 trailers.

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There's really not that many alternatives.  The Krogan were a threat to all other species.  Their rate of reproduction had to be halted to get rid of the problem.

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lol formidable ally however at the rate they reproduce eventually  there would be too many krogan and statistically speaking it would only take a small percentage of hater krogans to wipe out every other race out there either way it would lead to endless war. I cant imagine the krogans would protect other races from other krogan
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This thread already has a larger discussion in progress. 
But anyway, I think the genophage was right. The survival of many races seems more important to me than the dominance of one violent race.

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