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Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC

First of all, there are glaring bugs in the DLC. Audio cuts out part of Shepard's dialogue line. The camera angle goes to a wall when characters are supposed to talking. Then Liara walks through a door like she's a ghost, they didn't even bother to have the door open and close for her to walk through. On the last mission of the DLC, I actually found myself stuck behind cover. Couldn't move, couldn't unstick from the cover, couldn't even switch weapons. It was total loss of control. Had to restart from a save. These things occurred, I noticed them, and they weren't good.

But that said, I do feel this is worth 10 dollars. It's a very satisfying end to the Mass Effect 2 adventure and makes me that much more eager to play Mass Effect 3. Coming back to a game that I hadn't played for a few months now, going through this DLC just reinforced my belief that the shooting and overall combat mechanics in ME2 are the best of any third person shooter I've ever played. It's better than Gears and all the rest. The guns feel just as satisfying as I remembered and it all came back very very quickly. That's just great shooter design and again, I think that ME2 is unquestionably the 2010 GOTY.

This DLC contains the best boss fight in either Mass Effect game. It's very well done. I remember a ME2 thread on the Penny Arcade forums a long time ago, back when ME2 first came out, where we all talked about how lame the end boss fight of ME2 was and how the ME1 bosses were kinda awful to fight as well. People wanted bosses to use cool biotics in their attacks, but without the cheap frustrating rapeage of the ME1 bosses. It seems like BioWare really listened to us and finally delivered on most everything we wanted.

And um, I really like Liara's new improved look. I think it's the best she's ever been portrayed, way above and beyond her ME1 and ME2 appearances. However, and this is a nitpick... it is a bit strange to see her vanilla ME2 appearance at the beginning of the DLC and then have her magically change into her new revamped appearance a little later. The big purple freckles suddenly changed into tiny blue pinpricks. Perhaps an explanation was a bit too much to hope for.  

And uh, goddamn you BioWare, the Paragon actions are soooo fucking hard to hit in time. You need lightning fast reactions or something.

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