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Arrived It Has

 Comparing Arrival to Mass Effect 2's previous addon, Lair of the Shadow Broker isn't much of a fair comparison. LOTSB taking the cake with his equal mix of story and combat, fantastic locations and a vehicle segment which broke up combat. Arrival discards this with more of a combat focus and primarily taking place in a single locations, albeit nice looking, came off a bit hollow, with fights becoming tiresome without much of a breakup in between them.
When I think about the story Arrival told, I find it funny that my favorite parts of it were the beginning and end sections featuring Admiral Hackett, guess it just shows how awesome Lance Henriksen is.
Another great addition to the addon was it's OST, composed by the team that did the soundtrack for Kasumi's Stolen Memory.
Sad to see Mass Effect 2 go out this way, but its understandable considering that BioWare is working away at Mass Effect 3, so for them to at least give us something was at the very least a fine gesture on their part.
Edit: This is for the xbox 360 version, sorry.


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