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Mass Effect 2: The Very Model of an Action-RPG 0

As far as sequels go, Mass Effect 2 couldn’t have had more hype surrounding it, and this was a great thing. Previously, Bioware had trouble selling what amounted to an amazingly deep RPG experience in a generation that was quickly attempting to abandon such games, replacing them with relatively few new ideas. Now, I was a huge fan of the first game, it looked pretty, the planetary exploration was, for the most part, fun, the combat was a little shitty, but that could be forgiven by means of the ...

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A sequel that fixes what was broke and what wasn't broke 0

Mass Effect 2 was a game that I very much anticipated playing. The first Mass Effect had such great potential, but it was stymied by horrible combat. Its problems were fixable though, and that is why I was eager to see how this game turned out. To my pleasant surprise, Bioware did a good job of addressing the big problems from Mass Effect. Unfortunately though, they also addressed some nonexistent problems, losing a lot of what was good in the process. Given the current trends in gaming, it prob...

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PS3 owners will not be as attached to this franchise as 360 ownes 0

Man there sure is a lot of talk about the Mass Effect franchise lately. I have heard it said that Mass Effect 2 will be looked back upon as one of gaming’s best of all time. Since PlayStation 3 owners are not able to experience the story from the beginning, the first apparently being owned by Microsoft, I figured I would pick up the sequel since the price dropped. Surely with all the hype this playing experience would certainly be memorable, right? Well 50+ hours later, I have some memoires of t...

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Mass Effect 2 Review 0

Developer: BiowarePublisher: EADuring the life cycle of each console generation, there are always a small number of titles that emerge and become instant classics. The Mass Effect series, in particular Mass Effect 2 (ME2) is definitely one of those games.Continuing the story of Commander Shepherd, ME2 follows a very similar path to the first game. Shepherd is presented with an insanely dangerous mission, then spends the main body of the game recruiting a crew skilful and brave enough to carry ou...

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