After the EC, future payed DLC and you?

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I am one of those absolute nut fans about Mass effect. I was out the first gate to buy Pinnacle station for ME1, disappointed but still.... bought Bring down the sky early. ME2 bought all the story DLC and characters with varying degrees of good.

Ashes to Ashes dangled Javik the Prothien in my face, I couldn't help myself and downloaded it before I would play the game.

So I now sit here, with "Leviathan" possible future DLC strongly hinted. With 100% payed DLC in future no matter what. I am not sure if I am going to buy any more DLC...

After the EC I feel better about the ending of ME3, Its not perfect but considering the eggs they had, they made a decent omelet, they just were not very good eggs to start.

However I am on an EA boycott myself, I am not that much of an Idiot to have called EA Boycott because of the ending of ME3, however it didnt help. EA as a company on every other practice I have chosen to go into my second EA Boycott. This means by proxy I realy should uphold that to Bioware and ME3 DLC.

The second thing that makes me not care. Is ME3 is finished and it was a great ride until the end...then they changed the tracks and it was better. That pause caused so much bad feeling that I cant be sparked again.

I dont have much money, I am on an EA boycott and I am not excited due to the old ending killing my excitement. Those are my reasons.

What about everyone else?I just wonder is this the right time to vote with your wallet? Its hurts Bioware which I don't have much ill feeling, i love them however EA ontop of them has already compromised them in my eyes. While EA I am in no mood to put up with.

What are your thoughts, Also remembering that Bioware may be damaged due to this decision and future ones.

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i'll wait for reviews, but i'm not ideologically against more single player content. i really enjoyed overlord and shadow broker, so if they bring more of that, they have my money.

regardless of the ending, it's still my favorite sci fi universe to participate in.

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Bought everything for ME series so far, might as well buy more content for ME3.

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Depends what they come up with. I like the franchise and the content they come up with is usually good. Yeah, I'll pick it up.

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Probably not. You can't go home again.

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After Prothy the Prothean I'm not sure what they can do to keep me interested in Mass Effect lore that doesn't happen before the end of Mass Effect 3, Maybe Leviathan will give us a look at Batarian culture.

I would pay money to take back Omega from Cerberus.

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I got all the ME2 DLC and adored all 3 games, I've got Javik day 1 and bought the SE of ME3 but if the DLC takes place during the campaign I don't know in that if the framing device is, oh we need this tech to fight the reapers (which appears to be the motivation for the "Leviathan" DLC) then i don't know it just takes away from the finality of the ending. I get some endings mean they can't set it after the end but I'd rather have side stories than more war assets, such as the take back omega mentioned above, maybe dealing with Cerberus remnants or putting down some sort of Batarian plot or something in an attempt to take advantage of the chaos of the war.

What I'm saying is I'm totally fine with more paid DLC even after the ending but I don't want it to focus on war assets, they can be something gained from DLC missions but they shouldn't be the focus, either way I'll probably buy it I love Mass effect.

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Nope. I won't be buying any future DLC for ME3. 
Not as a boycott against EA, or to make a statement against them or whatever-- I'm just completely apathetic towards the ME series after 3.

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Nah, I didn't even do the extended cut DLC.

I'm pretty much over Mass Effect now, it was alright. But I think I'm done with what they're offering.

I've yet to play any of the Mass Effect 2 DLC though, and I think I might hop back into that stuff eventually...maybe

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haha!!! boycotts

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If the DLC is good and worthwhile I'll buy it simple as that ... people who let others impression about the game to affect their own are crazy you either liked the game or you don't the whole "yeah because of the controversy and because a lot of forum people compained I don't like the series anymore" is really , really silly.

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If it's on par with the ME2 DLC then I'm down, especially since it will be inherently better thanks to significantly improved combat. I love the universe and thought ME3 was a fantastic game despite the haters so I'll happily throw more dollars at Bioware for more.

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I won't be buying any more DLC. Not as protest or anything, but because the saga is over with and I'm done with.

They'd have to make some DLC spin-off that was like Samara or cyber ninja dude in a Bayonetta/Metal Gear Rising or Tali in covert Splinter Cell/Metal Gear Solid to get me interested, but the chances of DLC that radically alters the gameplay and genre of the original title seems highly unlikely.

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Still love Mass Effect so if I like what they're offering then I'll get it.

@AngelN7 said:

If the DLC is good and worthwhile I'll buy it simple as that ... people who let others impression about the game to affect their own are crazy you either liked the game or you don't the whole "yeah because of the controversy and because a lot of forum people compained I don't like the series anymore" is really , really silly.

Yeah, I understand why and how that happens to people, but I do agree its a bit silly. I'll always love Mass Effect and even if everyone doesn't anymore then I'll just enjoy it by myself.

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@doobie said:

haha!!! boycotts

It simply a personal thing. I went 5 years last time befor I felt that EA was a decent again. Which I was validated when a year befor I lifted my personal Boycott. EA new man in charge came out and publicly said i am paraphrasing "I know the company has not done its best to the customers these last few years. I apologize. This next coming years will show you all we care. We are going to bring quality back to our customers and back to the games we make."

However It was just last night I realized I destroyed my own boycott already. I am paying a subscription and playing Old Republic right now. And probably will resubb for another there goes my credibility.

However to everyone else. I am much in the same boat once you take out my mention of boycotts. I am interested...however I just need them to do something epic and not just shill me for more money. Its time to use the wrap up to dig deeeeeeeeep into that lore of ME. Do more Prothean stuff do more actual Reaper stuff.

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Nope, Mass Effect 3 has been gathering dust, covering my copies of X-Men Legends 1&2 since I finished it, and I doubt I'll ever play it again...might trade it in and put the money towards something else. The game didn't do anything for me, and I figured that 20 hours of a campaign would mean a substantial amount of SP DLC that would cost an arm and a leg in the long run. The game itself felt empty, choosing to railraod you to the conclusion, and that motherhumping DLC message from the original post-credits screen still pisses me off and saddens me. Shows just how bad it's gotten in the industry when that shit is considered ok to put in a game about to be shipped. It's a huge insult...lucky for me, I don't see the value of replaying the game, so I can escape with only losing the price of the copy overall.

I've no immediate interest in any EA games, in fact, I don't think I can name any that are coming out in the next year, and as far as Bioware goes? They've clearly shown that EA's slimey ideals have entered their company, and they no longer hold any appeal for me. You can't make anything worth a shit if you've got to appeal to both an audience and your pay-masters, so...yeah...bad luck for 'em, but I'll be avoiding them like the plague.

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