Another Take on the Ending (Spoiler)

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So there are a few different discussion out on the internet about the ending sequence. Mainly we have the camp of they just messed it up or there is this whole indoctrination scenario. Leaning on the Indoctrination scenario bit more it got me thinking if any of the final sequence happened at all.   Most discussions seem  to focus on the point that Shepard was fighting the indoctrination through that sequence, but that it all was happening. What got me though is while reading through that content several people point out a radio transmission where they state everyone was wiped out and to retreat. Also, even the indoctrination discussions I see never would explain how Shepard made it back to Earth from the Citadel. Now I got the ending where I destroyed the reapers and synthetics and caught Shepard's breath at the end. What if everything between the moment he got hit with the laser and his breath was purely in his head, not some sort of hazy dream fight. What if he never stood up and got to the light and made it to the Citadel in the real world. The existing indoctrination "evidence" could support that argument, which would also imply that whatever decision you actually means the battle rages on or that the cycle is over. 

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I hate to break it to you, but this is not new at all. The Indoctrination Theory even says everything after Shepherd got hit with the beam was a hallucination.

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Ahh ok. I must have read some other branches of that theory. Too much left unanswered

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Seems like this topic's mostly answered, and while the ending threads aren't flowing in at quite the feverish pace as they were a few days ago, I feel it'd be best to ask that any further conversation on this indoctrination theory continue on in an older thread; for example, this one. That way, the ending discussions aren't cluttering up the forums quite as much.



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