Anyone else having problems playing today?

#1 Posted by Cerevisiae (78 posts) -

I tried to play ME3 on my 360 just now, but couldn't. It said I couldn't connect to EA servers and then got stuck in an infinite loop where it was "Checking for downloadable content".

So I went to the Bioware forums to look for help, and found that they direct tech support to an EA site. So I went there, but couldn't make an account, presumably because of the server issues. So I went back to the BSN, but then found that I couldn't even post on my three year old account (maybe due to the same issues? I don't even know).

Isn't having our single player games tied to online accounts fun, guys?

#2 Posted by Zirilius (835 posts) -

Same. Sounds like EA is having server issues. It's even affecting Battlefield 3. you can still play disconnected just not any MP.

#3 Posted by kyrieee (381 posts) -

Yeah Origin was completely ****ed for a few hours today.

#4 Posted by KevinK (217 posts) -

Yeah, this is definately a problem with EA. I've seen more than one thread where 360 users are complaining about the game getting stuck on "Checking for downloadable content" and I'm playing on the PC and the game locked up on me at that screen too.

I don't know if with Omega coming out, whatever authorization server they have is just getting pounded or what.

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