Anyone play insanity?

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As the title suggest, I'm curious if anyone has tried playing this game on insanity difficulty? If so how hard would you say it is compared to ME2?

I'm currently on my second play through, got my Fem Shep Sentinal up to level 60 with the three guns I use all up to level X. I'm considering doing a run on Insanity on my final play through of the game.

Any hints or suggestions would be welcome.

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I'm playing through right now, and it seems substantially easier than ME2. The only thing that is frustrating is that the grenades will one shot you. As a result, you are sometimes forced between a rock and a hard place since jumping out of cover to avoid the grenade can be just as risky as taking the grenade damage.

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I haven't done it yet, because I always start from normal and work my way up on ME games. However, I find hardcore to be way harder than it was in ME2, so I can only assume insanity is crazy.

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@Atary77: I'm doing it right now(this is my third play through).

@Bass: If you pick Infiltrator and have Tech Armor, grenade does not one shot kill you. It will take away all your shield, but it will not kill you.

I heard the gun you get from From Ashes DLC is a huge help so I'm using that gun(Level X) right now. That gun... since it does not require any bullets, it saves you troubles of collecting running around collecting bullet. So if you have that DLC, I recommend using that.

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Adept through insanity is EASY. I played with an imported save, and I barely had to fire my gun, me, liara nad javik were tearing shit up

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I just beat it a couple of days ago and I thought it was pretty easy.

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I played as a vanguard and it is incredibly easy compared to ME 2 (which I also played a vanguard in). I probably only died around ten times in ME 3, and ME 2 was hard enough that it made me act like a child throwing a temper tantrum in some spots.

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Way, way easier than ME2. Didn't even need to use my gun as an adept.

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Finished it on Insanity for my first playthrough a few night ago and it's much easier compared to ME2. Grenades are the only real problem as they will one shot you, just need to roll away and find new cover.

Biggest tip is always have Overload/Energy Drain and Stasis in your party setup, it lets you deal with every situation. Went Adept and never had to fire my gun, something that was impossible on ME2 Insanity. I just spammed Biotic Explosions the whole way through the campaign.

The only time I had trouble was the "final boss", on Insanity he requires about 6 shots without missing, took me a few attempts to stop missing.

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It's a little easier than Mass Effect 2, for the most part. A couple of points can be frustratingly more difficult, especially towards the last moments of the game, but I guess that is to be expected from a series finale.

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Thanks for the suggestions everybody. I'll keep all this in mind when I start my third playthrough.

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@Atary77 said:

Thanks for the suggestions everybody. I'll keep all this in mind when I start my third playthrough.

The only way I touched Mass Effect 3 was on an Insanity playthrough, and I'm someone who typically plays games on normal difficulty. Insanity is a must, especially for a third attempt.

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It is pretty easy - I died five times on my first playthrough (which was on Insanity) and three of them was in the same fight (towards the end of the game). So I ended up being a bit disappointed by the difficulty.

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@Dany: Imported from ME2 or ME3?

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I had to switch to Insanity about a quarter way through on my playthrough because it was too easy

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Yep. I found it incredibly easy, easier than my normal play-though because I planned ahead. I used a NG+ so I started at level 58 as an Infiltrator. I maxed out as soon as possible and got myself a Black Widow to level 10. I had NO problems and could count my deaths on one hand, really surprised. The only thing I can say is I skipped some combat arenas by using stealth and running right though. Liara is KEY for your party: she has status which is the most powerful move in the game. Any Phantom was dead on arrival, status and 2 shots to the head. Weird considering how much of a tough time I had with ME2. Might be that I changed from Sent to Infiltrator or might just be that it was not as difficult.

It was defiantly enjoyable and no where near as frustrating as ME2 or I thought it would be. I would recommend it as it made me think about the game and skills in a whole new way and it was rewarding.

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I did so with my imported Shepard. Starting off at lvl 20+ and playing an Infiltrator, it wasn't a piece of cake for the most parts. Very enjoyable too.

My second playthrough, I chose Vanguard and didn't use an imported save. It sucked on Insanity. Major donkeyballs.

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Imported Shepard, Sentinel. Only found two bits which gave me trouble (atrium at the grissom academy and Kai Leng fight) at all, and even they were absolutely nothing on the sticking points in two (collector ship, basically)

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Easier than Mass Effect 2, but then again Mass Effect 2 wasn't very hard aswell.

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I don't hate myself enough to play through this game again on a higher difficulty.  
Not because it's hard, just because 3 is a boring game, the missions are standard shooter affairs all the way through. (and I know 2 suffered from this at times, but the whole game didn't) 

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Mass effect 3 insanity I reckon is about the same difficulty as hardcore mode was in Mass effect 2. I hit the half way stage in the game before I died, compared to Mass Effect 2 when I died on practically every single harbinger!

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@rjayb89 said:

@Dany: Imported from ME2 or ME3?

Imported ME2 save.

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Insanity is way too easy. I haven't tried doing a lvl 1 character yet, because in ME2 doing NG+ was harder. My lvl 60 Adept has 850 Barrier / Health (850 on both) while my lvl 30 NG+ character in ME2 has 250(!). Add to that the fact that cooldowns are between 1/3rd or 1/2 of what they were in ME2, plus the fact that no enemies gain extra protection on higher difficulties and Insanity becomes a joke except for a few random difficulty spikes.

Biotics become so overpowered when enemies just have Health, and with Stasis you can combo even on enemies with Shield. Most of the time you can wipe out an entire spawn of Cerberus troops as they hop out of the shuttle. It's very poorly balanced, but I guess a lot of people hated playing Adept on Insanity in ME2. I went back and did Jack's recruitment mission, and it's so much harder than anything in ME3 that it's pretty stupid. There's not a single mission in the game where Husks are ever a threat. Disappointing.

Like someone else said, I keep checking the options to see if it's really Insanity.

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I started playing it on Insanity, but then I felt like playing Mass Effect 2 again, so I did that, and then went back to ME3 on Insanity. Seems reasonable.

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Insanity isn't that hard. Just get away from grenades and use your power wheel more than you usually do. It's easier than ME2.

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It's not easy because it's easy ion purpose, it's easy because the AI is retarded. It's that bad way of easy.

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I played it with a max-level imported Shepard from ME2 and went Infiltrator on my first run. It was incredibly simple because the AI is intensely stupid: cloak, have a party member knock out shields (if the enemy has some), then headshot with Widow. One hit KO on any normal enemy, three hits on larger ones (Harvesters specifically are jokes with this setup), and no more then four or five on even the biggest guys like the mechs.

Grenades, as others have said, will tear you apart in one shot, and I did encounter a part near the end where I must have died ten or so times, but the vast majority of the game was close to a cakewalk.

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For me, Insanity feels way easier in ME3 than ME2, although that may be due to the fact that I imported a level 30 Shepard with a lot of abilities/powers invested.

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I will do a 3rd playthrough(insanity) when I buy all the ME2 and ME3 dlcs. I'm content with the multiplayer. Already have 170 hours played so I don't want to get myself burned out.

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I have run a Soldier through ME2 and 3 have I have to disagree with the folks saying ME3 is easier than 2. I thought ME3 gave me a much tougher time on Insane.

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I'm 2/3 of the way though on insanity, and I would say it is easier than ME2's insanity.

In fact, now that I'm no longer rusty and quite in the groove, I find that fights that killed my hardcore/adept are not causing my insanity/solider any serious trouble. Most of that is getting used to the game again, some of it is knowing what to expect.

In both cases I imported my lv30 ME2 characters. I imagine doing NG+ with a lv60 character would make it even easier.

@Dad_Is_A_Zombie: My paragon solider has been my 'insanity' character in all three games, and I would say I died way more in ME2 as a solider.

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Incredibly easy (at least as an infiltrator), it feels like normal in ME1 or 2 to me

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I tried, as a Vanguard. Then I got stuck in the Atrium at Grisson Academy and notched it down to Hardcore. Grissom Academy is fucked.

#34 Posted by LiquidPrince (16475 posts) -

The Banshees are going to be fucking dicks on insanity...

#35 Posted by D_Bones (421 posts) -

Currently 3 missions away from completion on insanity with an import renegade sentinel shep. Curious if anyone had trouble with part on earth where they throw like 2 or 3 brutes at you with a banshee while aiming the rockets or whatever. Seemed like that area would be difficult.

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Yeah, Insanity isn't hard at all.

#37 Posted by Aether (97 posts) -

I played Insanity on my Vanguard and Engineer. Was extremely easy if you use Biotic Explosion setups and a "Mage" like setup on the engineer. High power damage and cooldown is pretty ridiculous. I will say this though, if you import the game it is decidedly easier but if you choose to start fresh...holy shit. It is up there with going into the multiplayer as a level one and not realizing the host set it to Reaper/Gold. Very bad times but maybe its cuz im playing as a soldier for this one?

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@Encephalon said:

I tried, as a Vanguard. Then I got stuck in the Atrium at Grisson Academy and notched it down to Hardcore. Grissom Academy is fucked.

Fuck yes. I brought Javik and Liara on that, took forever in that open courtyard.

#39 Posted by D_Bones (421 posts) -

Finished it today. That last marauder was a dick.

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I did my only playthrough on Insanity as a soldier. It was supposed to be my first playthrough, but the ending sucked that out of me.

I found it much easier than ME2 Insanity difficulty. It would have been even easier if I'd used the Particle Rifle from the From Ashes DLC, but considering how the rest of the game is balanced infinite ammo seemed like cheating to me.

The only hard parts were Grissom academy courtyard, Kai Leng, and the very last Marauder. It's a bit odd that that last Marauder took more retries than anything else in the game.

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I played through on insanity with very little difficulty. It is so much easier than the past two games' insanity difficulties.

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I haven't beaten it yet, but so far it's been a huge joke. It actually seems easier than ME3's Hardcore and nowhere near as difficult as ME2 on Insanity. I'm a little let down by it to be honest. I thought ME2 was pretty brutal on Insanity, but it was called Insanity. I wasn't expecting a perfectly balanced or even fair experience. I remember husks having armor and being like, "this is insane." But that's how it should be... hence the name.

The game is still fun but I wish Insanity was actually difficult and challenging. There are two parts that I think will be tough and will test my mettle. The final level on Earth and the part I'm not looking for, having to shoot those husks and the guardian when Shephard is fucked up and the aim is wobbling all over the place. When I played on normal I had to drop that wobbly aiming, one hit kill, part down to the easiest setting, in order to do it. I can't imagine how many tries it will take on Insanity.

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