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First off I want to say that I am not starting this thread as a way to discuss the ending of the game. That has come and gone. I am just fascinated by the backlash against the ending of the game and wanted to get the opinions of others. I apologize if this has been brought up before. I have been thinking lately about the Retake Mass Effect and their goals. Regardless of thoughts on how legitimate their claims are, they succeeded in getting an extended ending dlc published. Bringing to the forefront ideas that were carried on by other sites, blogs, and publications. One such publication named EA worst company of the year, I know this is an over simplistic view of why they were named such, but for the purposes of this discussion I'd like to just say the outrage was a big part in getting a spot light turned onto them. The Better Business Bureau even weighed in on the situation.

Up until now I've really just been restating old news, but I promise my question is coming quickly. EA and Bioware have stated that they won't be changing the ending just expanding upon it. The ending of the game can be taken as open or close ended depending on your outlook. However, my question to the community is: Do any of you feel that as a result of the bad press and player outrage we will now never see a planned DLC package that would have taken place after the ending of the game? By this I mean I personally felt the ending of the game was open ended and that much as with Asura's Wrath we would have seen a "true ending" DLC that would have continued the game in some manner.

After the beating EA and Bioware have taken in the press and on the Internet at large, I don't feel they can release that DLC. If they do so they risk having to change how they feel future games should play by setting a precedent now. Not only this, but also in some manner of reclaiming face by saying this was their artistic vision and how they had envisioned the game all along. I am not trying to vilify anyone in this thread, but the more I read the more I have to wonder if by shining a light on this, if we've lost the opportunity to finish the game as it was originally intended to end. Is so I'd also like to know the communities' thoughts on whether it is worth going out in such a lackluster way on such an incredible series that has arguably changed the way games are made in order to hopefully make it so this doesn't happen again in the foreseeable future. Please discuss.

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just games and stuff.

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At this point who cares, really? I used to be extremely invested in everything Mass Effect, Everything that happened after the ending has drained me of any will to care.

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At this point who cares, really?


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I'll likely return to this thread and post my thoughts when I have time to do so. In the meanwhile, PARAGRAPHS. Please.

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the ending was sweet mass effects over

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At this point I don't give a rat's ass and just done with the whole ME3 debacle. No matter what they do to the ending it won't help. They royally fucked themselves with whatever they were trying to do.

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Overall for the industry it's good, imo.
Over the last couple of years we have seen players make their voice heard in various ways, and more and more frequently developers are listening.
It is no longer viable to say "petitions lol" due to eveidence to the contrary surfacing again and again.
The feedback loop is tightening and this is a good thing.
Shit sometimes needs to be called out for what it is. Especially in case where the "vote with your dollar" mentality is not enough.
Don't get me wrong voting with your dollar is a good approach, but it is not the only avenue of making your opinion heard, others are opening, which is good.
(this is regardless of my own opinion on the ending)
Asura's Wrath is is for those developers to figure out. They are catering to a niche, if that niche decides to voice their disconcerns with the ending DLC that's a seperate situation.
To me planning to release the games actual ending via paid DLC post launch is a disgusting move in the first palce. Then again I don't own AW, but it was sure hella shitty in PoP 2009. And the episodic anime model the game sticks to might migitate that DLC choice according to some people.

Do any of you feel that as a result of the bad press and player outrage we will now never see a planned DLC package that would have taken place after the ending of the game?

No such thing was planned for ME3 according to Bioware, all DLC content was going to take place before the game ending. This was explicitly stated by Bioware several times.
It's exactly the reason the the game hints at it via the final words of a certain dude, as well as popping up a fat DLC screen and dumping you in an autosave before the endgame. So that DLC content can take place.
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I do think this is a reflection in the change in technology and culture. The big wigs in a game company are so much more visible now and saying a lot more than they used. Those words and ideas are archived on several online video sites. Conversely, the guy in the trench can more readily see beyond Metacritic and find fans who have played and get their opinion.

Part of the backlash is that no one knows the rules or boundaries for this combination of tech and events. It might get messy but it has to happen sometime.

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Both, really.

It's nice that we're getting some expansion on the ending. Personally, I was satisfied with what I was given, but it WOULD be nice to know what happened to my friends and the universe at large afterwards. Even if it's nothing more than a Fallout 3 style clip show.

Unfortunately, the internet community once again demonstrated it's complete lack of self-control. As I said, I liked the ending; but I could see why others might not. I've read several intelligent and helpful pieces about why someone was disappointed with the ending. My opinion is by no means the correct one, so their disappointment was just as valid as my satisfaction.

Sadly, intelligent discussion and articulate arguments were quickly in the minority; replaced with hateful threats, over-the-top reactions, and needless bashing. Soon I was regularly seeing ME3 described as "an abomination" or "worst game ever"; two things that are nowhere near true, even if you DIDN'T like the ending.

As EXTomar mentioned above, it IS nice that the gap between the game makers and the players is smaller and feedback is more easily given and received. However, I do think the reaction to ME3's ending went way too far and has soured what should have been one of the year's great games. We've had bad endings before, WAY worse than this one, and we've never torn a game down for it the way ME3 has been.

And the upshot of it all is that everyone is just sick of the whole ordeal. Both sides are tired of hearing about it and would rather just forget the whole thing. And that's the saddest part to me. Because a game that had SO MUCH special about it as Mass Effect 3 did, should not be forgotten just because of a lackluster ending.

Hopefully after all this has blown over people can eventually come back to the game with cooler heads and appreciate everything that was great about it.

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This. Not reading a solid block of text. Particularly when, given the topic, the OP is unlikely to have anything original to say.

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I think everyone's kind of over it by now? That's the good side about ridiculous internet outrages explosions ... they usually die off fairly quickly.

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Mass Effect 3 is the ending to Mass Effect , I liked Mass Effect 3 so I liked the ending , would like to see more games in the future (next generation) I don't care what it did to the community I just don't want to get involve with "internet fanbase" ever, unless the developers decide they don't want to make more games anymore because a lot of people hated the ending of 3 wich it would be a big bummer because Mass Effect is my favorite series of this generation.

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