Best way to get the game? (PC)

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Yo so i've been playing the whole trilogy on the lead-up to Mass Effect 3 and was just wondering what you guys think I should do as far as buying ME3. Been playing them all on Steam so far but ME3 is only on Origin; I was expecting some kind of GOTY Edition with all the DLC but apparently EA doesn't do that because they like money too much. So is all the DLC worth getting seperately? Anything worth skipping? As an aside (avoiding spoilers if possible) when is the best time you think for me to jump into each of those DLCs in the ME3 story?

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Hmmm. I'm not your best person for this recommendation because I haven't played all the DLC, but a whole lot of it seemed multiplayer focused anyway. From Ashes is essential. I really wish I'd had it for my first playthrough. That one character is not only useful but also one of the most interesting in the game. Jump on that mission ASAP, because the character insights span the entire game.

I hear a lot of praise for Citadel for really giving the series a fun sendoff until a new story arch. That's about all I can say. No idea on when to jump into it. I think it's even locked out until a certain point, so probably as soon as it is available.

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From Ashes is essential, because it provides you with one of the best characters in the game. Leviathan is essential because without it, the ending makes no sense what so ever. Citadel is essential if you have any kind of attachment to the characters and the crew.

The only one that doesn't make any difference whether you play or not is Omega, which isn't terrible, but it's so far off to the side, and irrelevant to the rest of it, that you can easily skip it. But hey, female turian....

Best time to play them I'd say is

  • From Ashes: ASAP
  • Leviathan: Doesn't really matter. Around the midpoint of the game when a certain ME1 crewmember is reintroduced, I guess.
  • Citadel: After Sanctuary.
  • Omega: Whenever.
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From Ashes and Leviathan are essential. Do From Ashes as soon as possible, save Leviathan for late in the game, as close to the point of no return as possible. Omega is fully standalone, so if you liked Omega from ME2 or are a fan of Aria, you might want to check it out. It's very combat focused and the story is by the numbers, but there is some decent character stuff. If you get it you can do it whenever you feel like in your playthrough.

Citadel is outstanding, right up there with Lair of the Shadow Broker for best DLC in the series. However, it doesn't integrate very well into a first playthrough from either a fictional or pacing standpoint. I don't know what the official word is, but I consider it canonically debatable with how tonally different it is compared to the rest of the series. I view it a lot like the 100 and 200 episode specials from Stargate SG-1 if you're familiar with that. I absolutely recommend you play it, but maybe finish the main game without it and then load an earlier save in order to play it after you finish.

@andrewb said:

Hmmm. I'm not your best person for this recommendation because I haven't played all the DLC, but a whole lot of it seemed multiplayer focused anyway.

All the multiplayer DLC is free.

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@ll_exile_ll: Ah, had no idea. Never played the multiplayer. Thanks!

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I recommend playing Citadel after you've finished the game. It's kinda different tonally.

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