Best way to play infiltrator?

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#1 Posted by hoossy (1071 posts) -

Curious what you all think, I keep on flip flopping on what squad mates aid me best. I"m not too far into the game but love having Liara's bionic powers with me.... no matter what mission.

Then, depending on the enemies at hand, either a Garrus/EDI for their Overload or James for his... well.. what is he good for? I guess Carnage.

BTW, how exactly does Fortification work? For me... it's that thing that slows down his powers.

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#2 Posted by Mageknight (146 posts) -

I like using Liara and Garrus. Though Garrus is kind of doubling up, he can switch to assault rifle if you don't need two sniper rifles, and his weapon damage squad bonus is pretty great for making your sniper rifles instagib everything (I think he has Overload as well). If you want some more variety you can use James (set him to shotgun and have Fortification on all the time to absorb more damage) or the DLC companion if you have him (he combines some nice assault rifle damage with biotics) instead of Garrus.

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I read the DLC guy is pretty great... I think I'll have to jump on that ship. Thanks for the other advice, I still need to max out Garrus's powers.

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#4 Posted by DefaultProphet (825 posts) -

I go with Garrus and whoever's required for that mission, Javik, or James mostly. Didn't really need help from the team mates

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#5 Posted by Nasos100 (762 posts) -

infiltrate more

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If you're an infiltrator glue Liara to your party and drop a stasis on anything with a head. Hit up tactical shield and do your dirty business with your most powerful sniper rifle. I just wish I realized that enemies in stasis were vulnerable prior to the last mission. Would have made things easier on me.

Tactical shield and melee is great fun. You can do the windup for heavy attack without worrying about getting jacked. Use tactical shield to get into flanking positions too--it works! Go with the submachine gun and ultralight materials with sniper rifle to keep your cooldowns low.

Keep talking to EDI and get the Defense Matrix skill as soon as you possibly can. Defense Matrix looks cool and boosts your tech powers a little. Plus it fits the infil character better.

I usually went with James for the third slot, mostly because I hardly ever had to worry about him dying.

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My infiltrator runs with Liara and Garrus for shielded bad guys. Overload then singularity /warp combo. or on everything else James for that squad flame ammo and Liara works best for me.

I saved up and am running the Black widow with no other guns for the fastest cooldown. Also I just picked up the Energy drain bonus power max to use on the invisible geth hunters then shoot them.

I do need to experiment with Liara stasis. Played the demo with an Asari girl on my squad who did the warp bubble and then I picked em off with the Widow headshot.

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#8 Posted by Clonedzero (4206 posts) -

in multiplayer i was messing around with an infiltrator with a shotgun instead of a sniper rifle. it was surprisingly very effective. i dunno how it'd work in single player since i was a sentinel. but maybe its worth toying around with? i dunno.

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#9 Posted by Syndrom (439 posts) -

@Clonedzero: that's a pretty cool tactic, stealth, sneak up on some fool and blow his head off with a shotty.

I played an infiltrator in 2 but never had much fun with tbh, i just sat behind cover and used my smg alot, long range enemies i'd whip out my sniper rifle. Never cloaked that much, except to get the damage bonus. I was probably playing the class wrong.

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