Completed insanity, no platinum.

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I assume I missed a mission, but I could swear on my life I did not. Anyway, is there any way to tell which missions you completed? I could steel myself for a third run, but not to the end.

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You say no platinum, but which trophy are you actually missing? The one for completing every mission insanity? If that is the case, you do have a counter in the main menu where it shows your achievement progress that tells you how many of the 26 missions you completed on insanity. It does count the N7 missions as well, and I'm pretty the one for missions on insanity (not the insanity playthrough one) persists across playthroughs, so you could load a save and complete the mission you missed.

It doesn't say which you missed, only how many, but you could easily load your last save (before the point of no return) and just complete whatever missions are still open.

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Yeah, it's the Unwavering trophy I'm missing, although I can't for the life of me think what mission I missed. I have half the multiplayer maps done on Gold anyway, I'll probably just knock the other ones out and get it that way, rather than another Insanity playthrough, hoping the trophy pops this time.

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