Dear GB ppl, is ME3 Citadel like a DLC from Volition

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I have been holding out on ME3 since its launch, is it the right time to go back?

I don't give a damn about ME3 multiplayer, but I do care about all those characters (and in-jokes), recent bombcast suggests my wish is becoming true?

Note: Volition made Saints Row: The Third, it's one of the best thing GB crews have ever convinced me to buy.

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So are you asking 'is Citadel like a piece of DLC Volition would've made' (meaning it's crap) or that 'should you buy it because they're hyping up the DLC like they did with Saints Row The Third'?

Edit: I haven't played Citadel nor listened to the most recent bombcast so I can't give you a straight answer :P

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Are you asking that or are you telling us that? And as @probablytuna points out: That's not a compliment at all.

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I think he's/she's asking if the DLC has the same humor and dumbness as Saints Row: The Third. Listening to the Bombcast and watching a couple YouTube videos, I would say it seems like something similar is the case. I didn't played it, so that's the most I can tell about it.

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I've played it last week, it is really good as a send off for all the characters (who are alive at the point when you start the DLC). The first half is a mystery solving part with combat, the second is a long party scene. There is a lot of funny dialog, especially if you played the series. Is the humor on a level with SR3? No, it is different, it is more in-jokey. It is fun to play and listen to the banter between your squadmates.

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