DEMO - Will anything transfer to full game?

#1 Posted by Xanadu (424 posts) -

Hey all, I am very excited for the new mass effect 3 demo as I hope most of you are. Im wondering though, will anything in the demo being transfered over to the main game (multi-player level? or maybe some kind of small dialog choices??) The reason I ask is because my xbox 360, an ORIGINAL xbox 360, the 360 that contains my entire of Sheppard from the very beginning, is getting very old at this point. I have already got the RROD on it but I was able to fix this simply by replacing the old thermal paste that had melted over the graphics and processing chips. Needless to say, my xbox has seen its better days for sure and Im wondering if I should just play the demo on the ps3 to save precious time for ME3 on the 360, I imagine this will most likely be the last game I play on it....thanks.

#2 Posted by Yummylee (22538 posts) -

Nothing has been said thus far I don't think. All there is to gain is some ME3-themed equipment for Kingdoms of Amalur.

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If your 360 looks like it's going to die, why not put in a memory stick and get the saves you treasure off it instead of running with the devil?

#4 Posted by Xanadu (424 posts) -

@Brodehouse: maybe I should do that but Im not exactly sure if I would even want to buy a new 360 as a replacement

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If its anything like the Mass Effect 2 demo then youll just start out having to create a new Shepard for the sake of the demo which could later be imported into the full game.

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nothing will transfer over from the demo

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I doubt it. It'll probably be just a slice of a mission with nothing actually substantial or worth importing over. I feel like the demo is more for the multiplayer portion anyways and not the single player.

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It doesn't matter if the console does die since you can move the hard drive to a new console later.

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back up your saves

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I think they stated that nothing will be imported or transferred from or to the demo.

Though Bioware have stated that you should hang on to your Mass Effect 3 saves, whether they have plans to have that interact with future Mass Effect games or DLC or anything else really, is still anyones guess.

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@Toms115 said:

back up your saves

Backing up your mass effect saves is actually not possible. You can move them from one storage device to another but you can't make a copy of them. 
There was quite a lot of annoyed people talking about this on the BioWare forums because people are, quite reasonably, worried that these save games they've been holding onto since the beginning of ME1 5 years ago might be lost if their hard drive fails or their xbox gets stolen, etc. 
Apparently it's something to do with how BioWare designed the save system to make saving the game much faster. 
Fortunately, I recently bought an xbox slim to replace my 5 year old elite and transferred everything over to a fresh hard drive so I have nothing to worry about.
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@lclay: You couldn't save the data onto a thumb drive and then duplicate it on a pc?

I don't think ME1 saves need to be kept, from what I've read it sounds like ME3 will only allow importing ME2 data, but will import any ME1 data embedded into the ME2 save.

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It doesn't matter what system you try it on, nothing is going to transfer from the demo into the final product. It was said in an interview that I read about on IGN I think it was.

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