Diana Allers is the worst.

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#51 Posted by Gristle_McThornbody (5 posts) -

I agree that she has nothing to do with anything at any time, anywhere in the game. Waste of space.

#52 Posted by impartialgecko (1772 posts) -

@Demoskinos said:

No character can be worse than Tiny Tina


#53 Posted by QuistisTrepe (633 posts) -

I didn't even know who Jessica Chobot was until I read through this thread. I wish I hadn't. Anything associated with IGN is pretty much garbage. And what's the deal with this broad, she's really not all that.

#54 Edited by galloughs (201 posts) -

@Pr1mus said:

Her character could be replaced by a window that pops up out of no where and ask you if you want 5 war assets or not.

And then a second window that asks if you want to romance the first window.

Also, yes, I found it odious and disappointing that this character was included in the game. Although, in retrospect, that sort of set the tone for my entire experience of ME3.

#55 Posted by 2HeadedNinja (2023 posts) -

@CaptStickybeard said:

@Zippedbinders said:

@Demoskinos said:

No character can be worse than Tiny Tina

No opinion can be worse than opinion.

Only people who watch little girl cartoons like Tiny Tina.

I like Tiny Tina ... and if you please we could meet outside for some fistecuffs.

#56 Posted by BlatantNinja23 (928 posts) -

@The_Nubster said:

@Demoskinos said:

No character can be worse than Tiny Tina

I like you.

we'll I found Diana irritating and pointless.... Tiny Tina was far, far worse. She actually made me stop playing.

#57 Posted by Veektarius (5456 posts) -

I'm in the process of playing ME3 now, and while Diana Allers feels oddly removed from the setting with her "Reporter looking for the hot scoop!" mentality despite it being the end of the world, she is worth more than 5 points. You can enter multiple interviews with her, and these raise other assets' values by a small amount. She didn't ruin the game - she was placed in a way that was easy to forget about, and it's not as if the game was bad anyway.

#58 Posted by Milkman (18092 posts) -

Yep, the character was just useless and added nothing to the game. But she wasn't really offensive in any way and she's completely optional so it's hard to complain.

#59 Posted by Morden2261 (283 posts) -

She was a terrible "addition" to the game. Her character was pretty pointless and her line delivery was terrible.

Emily Wong or Khalisa al-Jilani should have been on the ship... you know, characters with a history in the Mass Effect universe that people actually gave a shit about. But hey, Chobot's inclusion just helps to illustrate some of the bad decision-making that went on during the production of Mass Effect 3.

#60 Posted by MikeJFlick (452 posts) -

@CaptStickybeard: Short Pointless Conversations is right, I think after adding her to the ship you get maybe 3 interviews and 3 filler conversations, and thats it.... I rather have the space on the ship filled with nothing but trash bags as a joke that Zaeed never worked the trash compactor.

#61 Posted by Trainer_Red (318 posts) -

Ok, so I just romanced her out of curiosity and the entire thing was pointless and awkward.. I didn't even get the Paramour trophy for banging her. THAT right there says how horrible she is.

#62 Posted by sickVisionz (1299 posts) -

@Sackmanjones said:

She doesn't have a big impact on anything but I didn't find her offensive or anything. Just another person to talk too

Same here. Not sure where all the hate for her comes from.

#63 Posted by OneManX (1709 posts) -

@sickVisionz said:

@Sackmanjones said:

She doesn't have a big impact on anything but I didn't find her offensive or anything. Just another person to talk too

Same here. Not sure where all the hate for her comes from.

Yeah.. she was just another face, they kinda made a big deal about it, butnot really. She was basically the Mass Effect equivalent to a Hollywood reporter, and she makes sense in that roll.

It's so easy to ignore, I got her, talked to her after big stuf went down, made my choices and went on... like I did after every mission in the last 3 games.

#64 Posted by kristov_romanov (496 posts) -

The Allers character would have been way better if they based her on Jeff or Ryan in my personal opinion.

#65 Edited by BoG (5390 posts) -

I let her on for the bonus I got. She hit on me. I said no. She's nowhere near as hot as Miranda. That's all that matters.

#66 Posted by QKT (254 posts) -

i was playing a segment earlier where she requests an interview.

its the entire handling of her character that just doesn't work. in what kind of interview do you have your back to the camera and then crank your head back and break your neck to sign off? the animations are seriously borked and her voice acting is set to smug 100% of the time. now that i am reminded that she is only 5 war assets i am gonna give her the boot.

#67 Posted by Kadayi (187 posts) -

TBH I didn't think Bioware did a particularly good job with any of the new romance options. They all felt kind of weak Vs the established romance characters. I just can't conceive that many people threw over any of their previous romances for any of the new ones aside from curiosity before reloading an earlier save.

#68 Posted by Heltom92 (761 posts) -

Man Chobot is an attractive woman in real life but she looks like some kind of monster in ME3. I understand why they would spend less time modelling her than say Yvonne Strahovski because her character isn't as important as Miranda, but then why include a game journalist in the game at all?

#69 Posted by mpgeist (657 posts) -

They spent more time modeling her than giving Tali a proper face. That alone is reason for me to hate her inclusion.

#70 Posted by feliciano182 (104 posts) -

An excellent idea, with an underwhelming execution, to put it lightly.

I'll say though, she has some great moments, like how she reveals Bekenstein has been obliterated.

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