did i miss something about the keepers?

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i know theres a bunch of plotholes, and the ending makes no sense (i would have been fine with the ending the way it is if it just explained wtf happened to everyone other than ur character, did every ship get destroyed and every non human race get wiped out? are the people that stayed in the other systems still there? why the fuck do the crew members u were with end up magically back on the ship (im guessing that one was just laziness/an oversight) and a bunch of other shit like that)

anyway i remember at some point hearing that the entire reason for the keepers existing was so that they could signal the reapers (i THINK this was at the end of ME1) but after the first game its like it was never mentioned, is it implied that nobody remembers/believes this or are u just supposed to assume they just didnt care or couldnt afford to lose them?

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It was pointed out in ME2 I think, that the reapers created the citadel and the relays to 'guide' civilizations along a certain developmental path. The keepers are just there to maintain the citadel. Unless I'm forgetting something.

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at some point they say that the keepers are the ones that send a signal to let the reapers know when its time to come or to wake them up or something like that, im pretty sure at least

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I guess (?) they stopped that path from becoming an option in the first game? Every time I've seen a Keeper since, I wonder why Shepard wouldn't be opening fire on those things to wipe them out regardless of whether or not they're vital to keeping the Citadel (and thus the heart of galactic civilization) operational. Better to be set back even hundreds of years technologically than to allow a backdoor for the creatures who are going to wipe out all sentient life on the galaxy, eh?

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The Keepers are part of the Reaper sneak attack process. Vigil states that after the Reapers left, their last researchers used the Conduit to go to the Citadel and essentially 'turn off' the Keeper's signaling software. That's why Sovereign had to go to all the complications he did in mass effect 1.

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The Keepers' job was to open up the Citadel as a relay itself, warping in the Reapers. The Protheans did something that disabled that feature (essentially relegating the mindless Keepers to simply Citadel upkeep). After using the conduit to go from Ilos to the Citadel, the few Prothean survivors disabled the thing the Keepers used to turn the Citadel into a relay. They then starved to death, and the Protheans were offiicially dead.

This is why, in this cycle, Sovereign had to storm the Citadel itself and try to activate it manually (and was stopped by Shepard).

They don't attack the Keepers because the Keepers, much like the Collectors, are simply mindless drones that perform their task. In this case, Citadel upkeep.

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I thought they resolved that, but I can't begin to guess which game. There's also the chance it was optional. I know I feel like they're not a threat anymore though. Just can't say why.

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Spoilers! Damn it, people. You goddamn fuck faces!

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@MideonNViscera said:

I thought they resolved that, but I can't begin to guess which game. There's also the chance it was optional. I know I feel like they're not a threat anymore though. Just can't say why.

They resolved it in the first game.

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