Female Turian from Omega DLC

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I thought Leviathan is good. The detective stuff is kinda neat. Not too deep, but kinda ok. Plus, some cool setpieces later in the DLC.  
It's interesting how BioWare seems to have gotten more original voice acting in the DLC for the ME3. One of my biggest complaints about ME2's DLC is that aside from Shepard's two voice actors and Lance Henriksen as Admiral Hackett coming back for Arrival, nobody from the original cast had new voiced lines in ME2's DLC. They tried to hide it by repeating some lines in some spots, but it was pretty obvious. But, in ME3 DLC, the characters will actively comment on the shit going down. 
Here's the big question, did they get all the voice actors back to record new lines, or did they record them in advance during the original development for ME3? Considering that it's public knowledge that DLC is planned in advance for almost all games nowadays, I bet they had the voice actors record them in advance. It would probably be hard to get "big" names like Carrie Anne Moss and Freddie Prinze, Jr. back for DLC. 
That will only fuel the "DLC is just stuff cut from the game!!!!" fanatics, but I wonder if they just recorded the lines during ME3 development although the actual art and programming work wasn't done until post-ME3 launch. 

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