From Ashes - DLC, Worth Purchasing?

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I bought a bog standard version of ME3, which means that I did not get the From Ashes DLC. For anyone who has played it, is it worth the purchase? Also I am part way through ME3 so no spoilers would be appreciated if the DLC fits anywhere along the story. Thanks.

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Do you like Mass Effect, then probably. Javik is a great character and a decent squad member.

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Yes, I always took Javik on missions with me as he would give you more information about the Protheans all the time.

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You get a mission to go to Eden Prime. During that mission you gain a new squad member. Very well integrated in to the main game (possibly cut from the game to be served as DLC, but I don't care and really don't want to argue this point).

It provides a look in to the truth of the prothean empire. The mission itself is about as long as a normal mission. He acts exactly like the rest of the crew, with conversations and regularly interacts with the rest of the crew on top of having something to say after each mission, like the others. You also gain a prothean assault rifle.

Just being able to see what the protheans were like, and the awesome African accent is enough for me to justify buying the CE.

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@AlisterCat: I love the CE edition of the game, the N7 guns are okay but From Ashes alone was worth it.

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@SmasheControllers said:

@AlisterCat: I love the CE edition of the game, the N7 guns are okay but From Ashes alone was worth it.

Yes, which is good because the dog is terrible as are all the alternative costumes. Plus those N7 guns are a lot weaker than a lot of the stuff you will find.

The N7 hoodie is the best part.

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Depends on how you classify worth it. You're not really getting much for $10 but what you do get is pretty good. If you have $10 burning a hole in your pocket then go for it. If you'll feel gipped about paying $10 for a 45 minute mission and a character you may not even use you should probably pass.

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Thanks guys, I will get the DLC. Also it worked out cheaper to buy the DLC plus a normal version of the game compared to the N7 version. Which to be honest I have enough gaming tak lying around my house already,

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Not the biggest ME superfan or anything (I was disappointed in ME2), but I bought it on a whim before I started the game, so I played it early on and really enjoyed it. It's short, but the actual story content you get is really great. I've been taking Javik everywhere, dude deserves some revenge. And Javik has a lot of dialog about what goes on during the rest of the game if you keep him around. Great stuff.

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I thought it was interesting - unlike Zaaed in ME2, who always felt a bit off, Javik acts exactly like the other squadmembers. I didn't use him that much, because I liked how Liara and Garrus worked for me, but I really enjoyed the dialog he had between missions - and some of the stuff I've seen in videos and such makes him look really interesting.

But it all boils down to: Yo, would you like a little more Mass Effect 3?

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I'm about 20 hours into the game and am kind of regretting not buying this. Is it possible to buy it this late and still play it? Or should I just skip it? I doubt I'll be doing a second playthrough.

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@SeriouslyNow said:


So racist...

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I thought the mission was enjoyable and the conversations on the ship were great.

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If you want to learn alittle bit more about the Protheans from a Prothean, and want another option of who you take on missions with you, than get it. Worth it.

If not, than skip it.

Also the hoodie really is the best part of the N7 edition....I was really holding out that the dog might be cool....

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Never! Boycott EA! RA RA RA!

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Yeah, Javik is a badass.

@SeriouslyNow: speciest.

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The mission itself not so much, the character is great. He gives a lot of insight into that the Protheans were like and their history.

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Yes! Javik is personally my favorite character in Mass Effect 3. You have to play a run with him in Mass Effect 3 to get the best of that game. Get it!

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