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#51 Posted by Brendan (8633 posts) -

Fantastic game other than the lackluster ending. I'm not doing a top list this year because too many of the games I played were not from this year. I don't keep up well enough to participate in those discussions anymore.

#52 Posted by Maddman60620 (169 posts) -

ME3 is my top game of the year, I think the ending was pretty good considering that there was no great way to end that series. It was more about the journey then the where you ended up going.. I think people over reacted to the fact that no matter what your choices through out the games your ultimate goal was a one way street down a dead end to saving humanity and the choices just shaped the way you went through the journey. Saving the world was the goal of all the games, how you went about doing it was the fun part.

#53 Posted by Jay_Ray (1186 posts) -

ME3 is in my top 10, probably around the middle.

#54 Posted by Hizang (9360 posts) -

Mass Effect 3 will be on my GOTY list, but it won't be 1st.

#55 Posted by TheSouthernDandy (4009 posts) -

@Oldirtybearon said:

@TheSouthernDandy said:

Haven't finished it yet but so far it's absolutely on my list. I don't think the last third of the game is gonna change that.

Install the Extended Cut before the end. Just trust me. It'll keep Casey Hudson from stabbing you in the heart with a fucking spoon.

Cool I actually thought it would update with that automatically. Thanks for the reminder.

#56 Posted by laserbolts (5439 posts) -

It is for sure in my top 10 but I dont think it will beat out dishonored, mark of the ninja, dust, borderlands 2 or trials evo. I need to know if XCOM is really that good or if people are just echoing the staff.

#57 Posted by Roger778 (960 posts) -

Mass Effect 3 is my favorite game I played this year. I thought it was a very good end to the series. When I first played it, the original ending confused the heck out of me. It didn't even feel complete. The extended cut helped clear everything up for me, even though I still think it should have been in the original game. But that's my only complaint about the game.

#58 Posted by OneManX (1709 posts) -

I stopped playing ME3 once the DLC started coming out. I plan on playing through Omega and Leviathan (I dont have From Ashes, but I'm past the part where getting Javik matters) and going to the end, I'm going in full hog, take it all in at once, one save at the end. I already know the endings, listened to the spoilers, read the threads... at the end of the day, I have to finish it.

It's on my list though, the story beats so far, were really good and the callbacks where well done. Not my Top 5... but it is on there.

#59 Posted by SpicyRichter (594 posts) -

I enjoyed it, but nowhere near as much as I've enjoyed sleeping dogs, FTL, the walking dead, xcom, black ops campaign, I could go on. It was definitley one of the most hyped games for me though.. I spent probably more time on the codex app on the ipad than the game itself

#60 Edited by haggis (1674 posts) -

If they had included Leviathan, From Ashes and the Extended Cut in the original package, then I think the game would pretty much be a lock for me as Game of the Year. As such ... I'd consider it. It's definitely in my top five. I hesitate to nominate something like Walking Dead, simply because I think other games have better mechanics. But I'm not sure what my top game would be.

EDIT: For the record, I thought XCOM:Enemy Unknown was the most disappointing game I played this year. Great for the first ten to fifteen hours, then increasingly boring and tedious. It really was not that great a game.

#61 Posted by Napalm (9230 posts) -

Nah. Darkness II, Black Ops II and Far Cry 3 hold those positions currently.

#62 Edited by Zirilius (830 posts) -

Mass Effect 3 is my game of the year. I can't think of a game, regardless of ending, that I have had more fun with this year than this. I just recently got back into playing the multiplayer, and because I killed everyone on my renegade suicide run I need to make a new renegade and will probably start with ME 1 again.

#63 Posted by Kadayi (187 posts) -

@Hizang said:

Mass Effect 3 will be on my GOTY list, but it won't be 1st.

You don't win silver, you lose gold.

#64 Edited by Roger778 (960 posts) -


No, you're not alone. I loved it too.

#65 Edited by Artso (79 posts) -

I don't get why this should be on anyones GOTY list. I like the Mass Effect universe and the setting, but the gameplay is really not that good and very repetitive. The story, especially in this game, is not that good either. I loved the interactions with the crew in earlier games but they don't feel the same in this one. The game feels rushed (no shit!) and it doesn't help that the gameplay hasn't really evolved. It's okay but not great.


Also, am I the only one bothered by the fact that all females are perfectly shaped with big breasts and small hips? To make it worse during conversations the camera zooms in on an ass or boob and just stays there for 15 seconds... which is really creepy. I can't see the conversation because Miranda's ass is in the way. Adding some homosexual characters doesn't make your game progressive.

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