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Firstly I know that there are probably 900+ threads on this forum about the ending but I need to share what I thought of it (even when the final outcome isn't known until the very end) I didn't think the ending was bad just that it needed a little bit more of closure , also it was a bit confusing to me not because I wasn't expecting The Catalyst to be what it was but because that's exactly what I thought it was going to be, but what happens after you made your decision is what's bugging me.

  • What happened to the members that where aboard the Normandy (land in an unknown world staying there forever because the Mass Relays are gone?)
  • What happened to the other crew members
  • What happens to all living races (Asari, Krogan, Salarian, Turian etc)

Because by this point in the series I was accostumed to the way the endings were eligeble (I know this sounds mechanic but I'm talking about Paragon/Renegade/Neutral).

In Mass Effect there's the option to save the concil (Paragon, who cares about the preservation of alien life and keep the peace) attack sovergein (the neutral option, a sacrifice needs to be made but the intention was to solve the problem) and let the concil die (Renegade who cares about humanity first and mostly). In Mass Effect 2 the options where save Collector base (Renegade) or Destroy the base (Paragon) there wasn't a need for a neutral option given the nature of the what keeping or destroying the base meant, but here I felt like the idea of what it means to be the Paragon and the Renegade where wrong? or switched and the Neutral option was the solution for the problem but not quite?.

That's what I don't understand I felt like after the Catalyst introduced itself as this being infinite power that was given the task to control order and chaos, right there the mother of all dialog wheels needed to appear and let me talk to the Catalyst about what's the meaning of sentient life and the difference of organics and synthechis the balance of life in the cosmos but it didn't...

So the Illuse man was right in the sense that reapers can be controled but he couldn't because he was under the influence of the reaper indoctrination? , but if that was true then why would the reapers allow him to get that much close to stop their goals? Anderson then began to represent what humanity wanted but he was kinda inductrinated too? , at that point everything began to remind me the end of SMT: Nocturne and its reasons but everything backwards, Jack's option was lighted blue as if he's "reason" was the Paragon meaning that all synthectic life would be spared but that wouldn't end the cycle even with Shepard's will imposing over the previous one the reapers had, Anderson's red as his was the renegade one his reason meant all syntetic life would banish from the universe does ending the cycle at least for a while (I went with that one and regret it sience I was a firm beliver that synthetics where also living beings just as organics who deserved to continue their evolution so much so that I was very supportive of EDI and even choose to help the Geth not knowing that it will come at the cost of the Quarians). The third option remain the Neutral, the option to solve the paradigm meant to make organic life part syntetic (I didn't like that one it felt like organics would lose a very important part of the way the choose to live and what time means in the universe).

So yeah I think everything was too quick and there wasn't enough closure everything went really fast from "we know what we need to do let's save earth and everybody else to here's the most powerfull entity in the universe you need to decide the fate of life! crazy megatensei stuff! " wich as I said I was kinda expecting that but with me going in deep as to what those choices really meant , I didn't feel like it didn't take my previous choices into account I knew that this would be so much bigger than Genophage or Rachini Queen decisions I guess I'm just kinda dissapointed because the ending could've being great I can see where they were trying to go with that but they didn't elaborate all that much with the concept of artificial life and what does that mean , sure the many interactions with EDI and what you learn in the Geth concensus was that, but not enough I think to make it the actual final choice of the game.

So did I miss something did I just missunderstood what happened when you meet the Catalyst or did I just took what he said in the wrong way? and as far as what happens after the credits that's totally fine again something I kinda saw that coming since Mass Effect began growing with the novels and comics, Shepard would become a legend a tale in the far future so when a new Mass Effect game comes arround people can talk about "The Shepard" without going into specific of how did he look or if he mas a man or woman, Shepard needed to die that stuff with him being posibly alive at the end regardless of what path you choose that I kinda didn't like , he's/she's just a human that "saved the galaxy and the many things he did in order to do that (cure Genophage support the Geths and so on) in his travels that's a totally valid way to treat the trilogy in the future I don't know why that would ruin the franchise for someone , I guess the Extended cut content will address my concerns but it should've being in the original context of the story.

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