Is anyone else's cloak not working properly?

#1 Posted by The_Ruiner (1323 posts) -

I imported a lvl 29 infiltrator. So immediatley my cloak is maxed out. But I've noticed that during combat sometimes enemies can still see you even while cloaked. Like the guys with the shields. I cloak to get around behind them but somehow they sense me and just spin in place until I'm visible again. It's kind of annoying. It doesn't happen all the time though. I'd say about 40%, which is enough to be annoying considering how may dudes they throw at you this time around. Is this a new feature that I don't understand or just a glitch?

#2 Posted by Sferics (27 posts) -

It seems like enemies can see you when your cloak flashes, besides that enemies will keep firing at the position you were last seen.

#3 Posted by fox01313 (5175 posts) -

With one of the visors on, I used the cloak & not only did the visor stay visible while everything else vanished but the enemies were close enough to still hit me as I was trying to run past them to get to cover.

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