Just got Mass Effect Trilogy for PS3, having an import problem.

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I'm unable to import my save from ME1 to ME2. I recently got the trilogy for the PS3. I uninstalled and reinstalled the 1.04 patch for ME2 about three times now and have rebeaten ME a couple times even deleting and then remaking the endgame save just to make sure everything is right. It appears in my saved game utility folder, so I'm not sure what's wrong. When I select "Import Character" from the New Game menu no saves appear and I can only exit. I've tried doing this both before and after installing the Cerberus DLC Pack and while connected and disconnected to Origin but nothing works. Is there something obvious I'm missing?

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Just be clear you are using a save file from the Trilogy disc, and not the PSN downloaded version, to the Trilogy disc of ME2,correct? Also are your games all from the same region? No US/UK or any other region cross over?

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@oulzac: Yes. The save game is from the US version of the Mass Effect Trilogy collection, same as the Mass Effect 2 disc I am using. From what I understand, most PS3 users were having this same problem until the 1.04 patch but that isn't working for me. No issues with different versions or crossovers or anything like that. I'm not 100% sure the save in my saved game utility folder is correct but I am able to start a new game on ME1 with the same Shepard I beat it with so I imagine the Character file appearing there is the right save.

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Yeah, that is why I asked, most everything I find says the patch worked, and it seems it only didn't work for those that were using either a different version or region. I did see one guy on the EA support forums say that he had to delete all his ME2 data, save data and game data/patches etc and reinstall them before it worked for him. So maybe that is worth a try if you haven't already.

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The 360 import works.

Stupid question. Are you sure you finished the game?

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@The_Laughing_Man: I have beaten ME1 four times now. The first time I skipped the credits and couldn't restart ME1 with the Shepard I used to beat the game with. Did it again (loading the autosave at the final Saren fight) and watched all the credits and then the endgame save went through. Then beat it twice more for good measure since the last fight is so quick.

I'm reinstalling Mass Effect 2 now. When I originally installed and patched it, I did not have the proper save so maybe that has something to do with it? Before I had only tried uninstalling the Patch/DLC but this might work. If it doesn't I'll just grit my teeth and use the Genesis comic.

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Reinstalling didn't work. I guess I'll try deleting all my ME1 saves except for the one right before the last fight and see if that works. I doubt it will though. This really sucks. Being about the only PS3 user who is having this problem post-patch doesn't help either. Google turns up nothing besides "install the patch".

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It's not just you. It looks like that for at least some U.S. players, the 1.04 patch that's supposed to allow you to import characters from ME 1 to ME 2 isn't working. Really nothing to do, EA isn't even putting up a sticky thread on their tech support forum for this issue so we don't even know if they're still working on it.

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