Mass Effect 3 New Ending Idea

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I made this video to cover from what I want from the new ME3 ending thats being worked on at Bioware, I got the inspirations for this new ending from ME2s suicide mission and the siege of denerim in Dragon Age Origins. I hope you guys enjoy the video :).

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#2 Posted by Galiant (2216 posts) -

I like the current ending.

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Moderator here apparently. A couple of things: Firstly, we're trying to keep all Mass Effect 3 ending discussion contained in the ending threads which already exist, which you'll find on the Mass Effect 3 boards. Secondly, we consider videos posted in threads with little to no text to be YouTube spam. In the future we ask that you write something alongside the video that will incite discussion, at least one decently sized paragraph in length. As it is I think there's sufficient reason for this thread to be locked and hope you can understand this decision.


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