Mass Effect 3 on PS3?

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What do think the odds are of PS3 version of ME3 coming out day-and-date with the PC/360 versions?  
I'm hoping it comes out the same day because I only own a PS3 and am looking forward to the PS3 release of ME2 in January.

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I'd gather as much, and if not it wouldn't be that far from the PC/360 release.

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It's certainly happening at least. That's a given.

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EA already announced that PS3, PC and 360 were going to get Mass Effect 3 on the same day next year. Good news for everyone!

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@John117: I hadn't heard that.  
Well that's just fantastic then!
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Awesome, I really hope they put there best foot forward for this one.

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That makes me happy. I prefer playing singleplayer games on my PS3 for some reason.

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personaly im kinda mad that the first game didnt come to PS3 because I dont know if I can justify having the first game on one console, then the last 2 on another one, espeacily considering how tied together they are. I mean, I dont like going back and palying the first one because I think its kinda busted after palying 2, but for some reason I cant see myself getting 2 and 3 on PS3, even though I like no disc swapping.

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