Mass Effect Cartoon by Harry Partridge

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#1 Posted by jackelbeaver (148 posts) -

What if Mass Effect was a ROCKIN' 80's cartoon???

oh no its the reapers! and the prom is TOMARROW!!!

#2 Posted by Winternet (8234 posts) -

Bonus points for writing "tomarrow"

#3 Posted by SarjuTheRapper (291 posts) -

kool spam bro

#4 Posted by jackelbeaver (148 posts) -

@SarjuTheRapper said:

kool spam bro

hows that spam? Its a cool cartooner about mass effect posted in the forums for mass effect. (Also harry partridge is awesome)

#5 Posted by Mike76x (559 posts) -

@jackelbeaver: When you post a Youtube video you're expected to write something substantial, or it's generally considered spam.

Also I would totally watch the shit outta that if it were a real show.

#6 Posted by Gamer_152 (14282 posts) -

This has more or less already been explained above, but yes, when you create a thread where you link to or embed external content, it is considered to be YouTube spam if you do not supply a significant amount of text alongside it, written in a way that will incite discussion. In the future please try to write at least one legthy paragraph, or your thread will be locked.


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