Mass Effect Multiplayer

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I have an idea. This idea is going to require the support of every member of the Mass Effect community. With this game tacking on a completely unnecessary, unwanted, and potentially damaging aspect to the game I have a way that all of us can show Bioware our appreciation for what is sure to be a pretty bad multiplayer experience. (Before anyone says, "You haven't played the game you don't even know", I'm basing this on Mass Effect 1 & 2's gameplay. At it's best it's decent. Certainly not the reason you play the game.) My idea then is for all of us to not even play the multiplayer. Let's make them know that the time and money they wasted, (and don't forget the multiplayer DLC that's sure to follow), was for nothing. By not even turning it on we will send a message to EA that tacking on multiplayer is a complete waste of resources!! (Well maybe just for Mass Effect, and Dead Space, single player in Battlefield, and I know Bioshock Infinite is not being published by EA but multiplayer in that game to, also The Elder Scrolls games, Dragon Age, and a host of other games my nerd powered rage is make me forget. Batman Arkum what ever the next one is called.)

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God, how can there be such a fuss over a few co-op missions? It's true that bioware has limited resources, but the single player is still the priority for them, it's not the end of the world if they decide to include some additional features for the people finished with the main campaign.

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What if it turns out to be good?

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@mikey87144: Talk about being a Negative Nancy. At least give it a chance!

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