ME3 is Brad's #1 game of the year.

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#101 Posted by Jeffsekai (7054 posts) -

@VoshiNova said:

@Jeffsekai said:

@VoshiNova said:

@Jeffsekai said:


With your avatar I kinda geeked out :P

Wanna make out?

Yes please, twice.


#102 Posted by jakob187 (21763 posts) -

@ripelivejam said:

well if he's comparing ME3 to Return of the King then that must mean ME3 is the best damn game ever!!!!!!!!

ROTK is the best damn movie ever? Return of the King (both theatrical and extended cut) were lesser than its previous two parts personally. Two Towers is still the best part much in the same way that Empire Strikes Back is the best part of Star Wars.

Then again, I also liked and will defend Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions to death, so what the fuck do I know?

#103 Posted by MetalGearSunny (7003 posts) -

@Bulby33 said:

I'm angry because he has a different opinion than me!!!!!!

#104 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12131 posts) -

Eh, I'll accept his Lord of the Rings comparison, as well as the rationale that the game he played was not necessarily the game I played. I just don't agree with either as justification.

#105 Posted by Liquidus (942 posts) -

@Tylea002 said:

I was shocked. SHOCKED I SAY.

Though very very disappointed that he gave his detailed reasoning, rather than a simple "Fuck all y'all," as he dropped the mic and walked away.

That probably would have been better.

#106 Posted by Liquidus (942 posts) -

While I'm totally fine with Brad having it as his GOTY, his reasoning for doing so is a little shaky to me. The fact that you basically HAVE to buy the DLC in order to properly enjoy the game is just a business practice I can't support. Games are expensive as is, I shouldn't need to dish additional $20 just to get the best experience.

#107 Edited by ripelivejam (4903 posts) -

@jakob187: well not best movie ever but definitely my favorite of the LotR films

love Two Towers (mostly for Helm's Deep and Gollum) but it's definitely the slowest of the three

still plan to force myself to sit through The Hobbit eventually as my duty as a LotR fan :\

#108 Edited by TheFantasticFillip (26 posts) -

While the LOTR argument is a good one, it is not an accurate comparison. Mass Effect 2 won game of the year on this site for 2010. The series had its due recognition, from both this site and others.

Brad's feelings on Mass Effect 3 don't seem objective, as if he went into it specifically looking to disprove all those people who didn't like it. His defense of it on the GOTY podcast borders on irrationality, such as saying that it plays better than Gears of War and claiming that Jeff has some kind of vendetta against the game just because he found it's horde mode less than stellar. Even with the DLC additions there is still plenty to not like about the story, and it is objectively a worse game than the one before it.

It's ok that he likes Mass Effect 3, whether I agree with his reasons or not. However, his defense of it doesn't seem like genuine love of this game, rather that he wanted to put himself in a camp opposed to the critisims of the game from the very start. His devotion just doesn't seem genuine, and I believe he would have a much different oppinion of the game had he played it at release. Not becasue of the lack of DLC, though that may have been a factor, but mostly due to his oppinion of the game being so clearly influenced by the zeitgeist that built up around it in the months since its release.

But hey, it's just a top 10 list I'm taking too seriously because I'm procrastinating at work, and I'm glad he picked what he felt he should. I guess.

#109 Posted by feliciano182 (100 posts) -

@HistoryInRust said:

It's mine as well. Fuck it.

I'm waiting to play The Walking Dead and XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

But until I do, Mass Effect 3 is game of the year.

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