Missing online pass?

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I just opened up my copy of ME3 and i don't see a card labeled "online pass". The only things that are in the box are a 2 day gold pass and a warranty pamphlet. Am i not reading something correctly or did i not get one?

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It was on the back of the Reckoning advertisement for me.

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Yeah, sounds like you got hosed. It should be on a seperate flyer that explains how to redeem your Reckoning armor and weapon.

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:/ i didn't get any reckoning flyer, i wonder if messaging bioware would bring any resolve

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Update: After waiting 30 mins to talk to customer support, i explain my situation and the employee prompts me to take it up with with the retailer i bought it from (Best Buy). I then claim that Best Buy can't help me in this scenario, he says the same thing. Then I explain that "how would best buy help me? They are only the intermediary that sells the game, they have no control over what is or isn't put into the copy of the game" and he asks for my edition of the game and generates a new online pass code for me.

TL;DR If you have an issue with customer support, keep persisting, they will just assume you are some schlub who is ignorant and doesn't understand how the process works

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