Multiplayer Relocks and Bioware non-response

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How many people playing the multi has this happened to? It seems like a big oversight considering they are in part asking for real money. It was apparently in the demo and still made it to the full game, people have been reporting in at the Bioware website for over a week and the generic response essentially tells you to keep playing the game even though the probability of this happening is still pretty high. Hell, they even released a balancing patch today, without at least locking out the issue in the game.

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What is the problem? What is a relock?

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In multiplayer, you unlock packs with credits you get from playing the game. These in-game credits can also be bought using real money i.e. MS Points, Bioware Points, etc. There's currently a bug that will relock the packs that you've unlocked. Essentially, turning that real money into nothing.

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Anyone who spends real money on those packs is already a sucker, it's hard for me to feel sympathetic.

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@Kevin_Cogneto: It doesn't really matter to me either, since I didn't spend any money on the packs. However, the fact that the amount of time I put into the game amounts to zero, it's pretty fucking disheartening and still the bigger picture is that there is that real money tied to it regardless of whether you would or wouldn't buy the packs. I mean fuck...the Xbox Live gamerscore is on the front page right now. It's a fucking gamerscore that really amounts to nothing, but it gets coverage.

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