My own Video Review of Mass Effect 3

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Phew, so it's been a while but I still wanted to take the time off to make a video review for this kick-ass game.  
If I sound a bit nasal, that's cause I'm cold but I have embedded subtitles in the video for your convenience -- can't see em? Get a better web browser.
Also: I'm not trying to promote any of my stuff, I merely just want feedback so that I can improve these in the future, thanks!
Enjoy and feel free to give me any constructive criticism in the comments below! If you don't like my accent, I'm afraid I can't help you out.
#2 Posted by MidgetScam (17 posts) -

Great work as always!

#3 Posted by morrelloman (608 posts) -

This was a well thought out, glowing review of a sick ass game, but you should have mentioned the polarizing ending. It's unwaveringly bad that all three of those options are the same cut-scene.

#4 Posted by Popskinz (409 posts) -
@MidgetScam: Thanks!
@morrelloman: Call me crazy, but I really liked the ending, It was very moving, and I was able to fill the plot-holes myself ;)
#5 Edited by Jaytow (703 posts) -

@Popskinz: You're crazy.

Nice review though.

#6 Posted by Popskinz (409 posts) -
@Jaytow: Thanks, but I doubt I'm the only one who liked the ending ;)
#7 Posted by MidgetScam (17 posts) -

The ending was alright, I just didn't the like the sequence after the credits.

#8 Posted by TerraMantis (283 posts) -

Great review. I didn't like the ending though but I don't mean of ME3. The review's finish felt really abrupt, almost like you ran out of time and squeezed in that "do yourself a favor and pick up this game" line before someone cut you off or something. Maybe it was because it didn't have an ending verdict (score) that threw me for a loop. Besides that single last line i thought the entire thing was very well-done and edited fantastically. Much better than the one I'm working on currently.

As for the ending to the game, i thought it was brilliant and this is the first place I have mentioned so. I'm actually going to make an in-depth video about my personal favorite interpretation of the ending sequences and the over arching meaning of the child in relation to Shepard.

Great review and I'll be looking out for a Witcher 2, Risen 2, and Racoon City review. Hope you're picking some of those up to critique.

#9 Posted by Popskinz (409 posts) -
@TerraMantis: Thanks a lot! Yeah I apologize about the ending, proper video editing is not my forte, and I forgot to add a rating so yeah.. xD
 But in case you couldn't tell, it's a definite 5/5!
Yeah I'm also going to make more Mass Effect 3-related videos, particularily one where I defend the game and pick on all the undeserved hate the game has received -- like I said, no other game this year is going to spark more conversations than ME3.
Thanks again!
#10 Posted by beckley205 (310 posts) -

Nice review. Nice to see that someone else likes the game.

#11 Posted by Popskinz (409 posts) -
@beckley205: Yeah, F-all the haters!

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