Need help allocating powers

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I rarely buy new powers from the Normandy med bay because eventually I lose one I want to keep and sometimes can't get it back.

Is there a way you can choose which power is removed once you reach the full amount and want to swap it for a new one?

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Your class powers are fixed. Any time you learn a new squad member power from the Normandy, the previous squad member power you had will be deleted.

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Previous meaning bottom one on the list?

That really sucks. They make it easier to customize your appearance than your powers. I can understand having to stick with a class after initially choosing, but it they're going to let you pick from several powers to add, they should let you choose which one you want to remove.

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Ohhh yes I remember getting confused with that too, think I just stuck with my own version of Tali's Chatika.

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Well, you're not really removing a power, just swapping your bonus power.

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Yeah you don't lose anything by doing this. You just get a bonus power, and you can switch what that bonus power is at any time you want. The only condition is you can only have one bonus power at a time. Your class powers are separate from this and won't be affected.

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Ah, I see, thanks for clarifying. That makes sense then.

I picked Vanguard and I'm not even sure it was a good way to go. I've played on Insanity before but this will be the first time doing it with the Citadel DLC. The Shepard clone mission can be a pain.

I've only equipped an assault rifle and SMG, the later with weight mod, so I recharge fairly fast, but Biotic Charge really drains you and leaves you point blank and the invulnerability doesn't last very long.

Thus far I've been using Carnage as a bonus power and don't really use Biotic Charge. I'm reluctant to get rid of it Carnage, great for all ranges and powerful.

I may be OK if I choose my bonus power wisely for the final fight against Shepard's clone. The battle at Palaven was a lot easier than before when trying a fresh start on Insanity. The fast recharging really helped.

I have one more question regarding power use. I see people talking about the squad mates you pick playing into your recharge. Is this true? Does it make your powers recharge slower when you order a squad mate to use one of their own?

Reason I ask is if squad mate power orders DO slow your recharge, I may just use the general fire order more and let them choose themselves how they use their powers. It typically results in them using their powers more anyway.

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