No New Messages from the squadmates

#1 Posted by The_Ruiner (1474 posts) -

I've played through the DLC and had the party. But I never got a single message from Jack, Vega, Miranda, Jacob, or Trayner... my save is pretty late in the game, right before the Cerberus base... Having one last night with Jack was kind of one of my main reasons for buying this damn thing. Am I doing something wrong? Or has EA screwed me again?

#2 Posted by QKT (254 posts) -

it wipes the meet-up messages after the party. its weird, i found that too, so i reloaded it to before i bought the party supplies. i think thats what you've ran into anyway.

#3 Posted by Seroth (758 posts) -

You get new messages after answering all the ones available. If you don't have any new ones, but you know you should, try leaving the apartment and going to the strip, then coming back. I THINK they have to be done before the party. Luckily, you should be given the option to restart the party "mission."

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