Official GB Mass Effect 3 Community Thread.

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#51 Posted by newhaap (437 posts) -

@Hizang: Origin ID: newhaap

#52 Posted by N7 (3667 posts) -

PSN: Crimson_Ryan

#53 Posted by spazmaster666 (1991 posts) -

XBL: spazmaster666

Origin: spazmaster666

#54 Edited by 815Sox (72 posts) -


I have several different options to play with, all with high levels. I tend to play support roles, so that means engineer and crowd control Asari Adept (STASIS BUBBLE!) I likeah da assists...

#55 Posted by TheHT (11785 posts) -

Origin: TheHT

#56 Posted by MrMuscle (448 posts) -

The MrMuscle on XBLA.

#57 Posted by Buttenator (189 posts) -

Origin: Buttenator

#58 Posted by FLStyle (4920 posts) -

Origin: RealFLStyle (Who took my name?!)

#59 Posted by Wasara88 (332 posts) -

I would love to play with fellow duders.

I'm on the 360 gt: wasara88

#60 Posted by Aether (94 posts) -

origin: amoranis

Really want to try out a coordinated Gold run sometime soon. Been having alot of problem with people not playing smart on silver and refusing to use missiles when its just them and like 2 geth primes on wave 10 :(.

#61 Posted by Bass (692 posts) -

EroticDolphin on XBL

If you want to add me, let me know you are GB and we'll be in the clear. Looking to start playing silver and potentially gold, but not confident enough in random's capability to do it alone.

#62 Posted by Cantaloup (38 posts) -

XBL: Cantaloup

#63 Posted by WarlordPayne (705 posts) -

XBL: War1ordPayne

#64 Posted by slashdotdot (95 posts) -

Origin; slashdotdot

I will propably be all bronze. That multiplayer is no joke.

#65 Posted by tskunk (145 posts) -

Origin: tskunk5

Getting really tired of random groups on Silver...

#66 Posted by BusterCasey (13 posts) -

Origin: RayGetter.

Just picked it up, It'd be nice to have some duders to play with.

#67 Posted by andriv (257 posts) -



#68 Posted by Catfish666 (191 posts) -

"Eminenssi" on Origin in Finland (GMT+2)

Would be cool get some more coordinated gold runs. Or all-vanguard runs for funsies! Cool-duder-points if you use mumble for voicechat.

#69 Edited by VaddixBell (270 posts) -

XBL: "SnipeyWolfy"

If anyone wants to play Geth on Gold send me a message. Live in Ireland which is GMT.

#70 Posted by Spooty (86 posts) -

Origin: Spooty

Looking for some people to farm gold geth with. Eastern Timezone.

#71 Posted by kimj0ngil (7 posts) -

XBL: KimJ0ngIl

I'd like to get some sweaty dudes to do some gold with me. Sweaty.

#72 Posted by rynbeed (143 posts) -

rynbeed on Origin. Playing off and on, will be playing a whole lot more once school is out.

#73 Posted by Grimhild (722 posts) -

Ashveil on Origin. And I come equipped with one groupie.

#74 Posted by TJ311 (415 posts) -

I'm playing the story on 360 but I also have it for PS3, so if anyone needs help, I'm available whenever.

GT - TJ311

PSN - WR311

#75 Posted by calzy25 (3 posts) -

xbox tag calzy1987 im on all the time during the day im in england i work nights feel free to add i mostly use krogan vanguard with geth plasma shotgun an the revenant asault rifle

#76 Posted by 815Sox (72 posts) -

Started playing GOW 3 again, quickly realizing how much I suck at it. Needless to say, I will probably be back playing this again.

Play all types of classes, like Engies and my Asari Justicar.

#77 Posted by schman42 (14 posts) -

XBL: schman58

Right now I'm rolling as a Krogan Sentinel, but I prefer to play as an engineer.

#78 Posted by Potts (159 posts) -

Throw me on there for XBL. Gamertag is Aetochtlu.

#79 Posted by SoulTaker (132 posts) -

Origin: SoulJem

Eastern timezone

#80 Posted by Undeadpool (4997 posts) -

Ehhh, what the hell:

XBL: Lex Jewthor

Pacific timezone

#81 Edited by LegendaryChopChop (1249 posts) -

I play it more than any other game out there. I'm down for any games if any duders want to request me and start up some games. I do Silver mostly but will do Gold with some quality players. (If anyone here is on the BSN let me know as well please).

360: tons of puppies

#82 Posted by djou (878 posts) -

Disappointingly I don't see many GBers listing their PSN account but I play this sporadically and I'm plan to go through the whole trilogy again when ME1 comes to Playstation.

Add me if your interested. PSN: jou321

#83 Posted by BretF (27 posts) -

I've been playing quite a bit recently. Anyone still playing on the PC version want to add me my Origin is GenoBret.

#84 Posted by AngelN7 (2973 posts) -

Well I guess you could add me but I'm not currently playing and I don't use headset most of the time so....

PSN ID : SuperSanduich

#85 Posted by Seaborgium (100 posts) -

I'm not what you would call "good" at this game, but I enjoy it and I'd like to play with some dudes. My Origin name is ctunoku.

#86 Posted by Cashewual (163 posts) -

Hey Duders! I'm sorry if ths post is in the wrong category, but I looked and couldn't find the right one, so here goes:

I'm can't connect to the ME3-servers on the 360, which means I can't play my newly purchased DLC. Any tips?

I googled this problem, but all the solutions only apply to the PC-version of the game.

#87 Posted by TandooriCactus (16 posts) -

If anyone is still playing im on XBL - TandooriCactus

#88 Posted by elsassr (1 posts) -

I'll be doing some multiplayer in the next few weeks, I'm `zoidwyrd` on XBL.

#89 Posted by mscupcakes (612 posts) -

I know I'm super late to the party but I just got Mass Effect 3 as an early xmas present, so if anyone wants to play my Origin name is mscupcakes

#90 Posted by headache02 (11 posts) -

It's nice game. I was hoping that it'll be better, but generally it's fine. It ends too quick.

#91 Edited by Ravelle (1406 posts) -

Man, this thread is deserted, I want to play it again with some folks but looks like nobody is playing it anymore. :(

My Origin is xRavelle, feel free to add me if you're interested in some matches.

#92 Posted by bobo6463 (22 posts) -

Picked up ME3 in the origin sales and looking for people to play with. Origin name is bobo6463

#93 Posted by Shakeyhands (34 posts) -

@Hizang: Prolaxed is mine!

#94 Posted by Ravelle (1406 posts) -

I've set up a steam group for easy get togethers and such so feel free to join, I'm usually up for a game when I'm online.

#95 Posted by TinAutomaton (55 posts) -

Origin: Bronze-Automaton

I don't play super often, and I'm from New Zealand. But hey, if you don't mind my accent, and me lagging all over the show, it should be fun to play with some GBers.

#96 Posted by filmfanatic24 (49 posts) -

I'm getting back into this.

XBL: JayhawkFilm

#97 Edited by Guided_By_Tigers (8061 posts) -

RIP in peace Hizang

#99 Posted by Creamypies (4091 posts) -

Started getting back into this since the new update.

XBL: CrimePays

And seeing as it's out for Playstation Plus subscribers tomorrow (at least in the EU), I may as well post my PSN ID too.

PSN: KowalskiManDown

#100 Posted by Entreri10 (243 posts) -

XBL: Entreri10 ...feel free to add me

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