Operation Raptor

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Looks like the weekend multiplayer goals this week have to do with promoting characters. Good thing I already have an infiltrator at 20.

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You say it like you don't like the mutliplayer. I just promoted a char. I play the multi for at least 1-2 hours a day. It's awesome and I like these weekend events. *hopes he gets the Disciple shotgun in the victory or commendation pack*

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Shouldn't have promoted my main dude last weekend! Guess I'll just have to play a bunch of ME3... UGH.

#4 Posted by Brodehouse (10476 posts) -

I forgot to get my gift pack for fighting Reapers..!

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I've promoted every class two times already might as well do three, More war assets anyways.

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What exactly does promoting a guy do?

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Wow, this would happen one week after I promote 4 characters.

@Vinny_Says said:

What exactly does promoting a guy do?

Promoting a character sends said character into the single player game, which increases your EMS, by giving you an additional war asset. You can only promote once your multiplayer character reaches level 20. Once promoted, the character's class level resets to 1.

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@Vinny_Says said:

What exactly does promoting a guy do?

adds like 100 war assets to single player

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@papercut said:

@Vinny_Says said:

What exactly does promoting a guy do?

adds like 100 war assets to single player

After a single promotion, you gain the N7 Special Ops war asset which is 75 EMS and with each promotion you gain another 75 EMS add to the N7 Special Ops war asset. Mine currently stands at 900.

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Well I have every class ready for Promotion so thats 5.

Just read that this is PC and Xbox 360 only until further notice...

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FUCK, I promoted my Sentinel and Engineer. Guess I'll do it to it with my Adept and I guess Soldier, haven't played as one of those yet.

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Have 5 classes at level 20 in preparation! (although I don't think it'll stack, you just need to promote 2)

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@Pinworm45: At least you'll be helping out meeting the 150k promotions goal for the weekend, so we can all get our Victory Packs.

I'll be playing, but I'm not sure if I'll have time to max out a significant amount of characters - just recently promoted a few, and not had much time to get them back up.

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I'm so glad I saw this ahead of time. I have two classes ready for promotion and was going to do them last night. I'll leave them for the weekend. Might even get 3 with my Asari Adept.

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I have an engineer at 20 so I guess I'll work on another class. Kind of hate to do it though, I was just starting to feel comfortable on silver. I guess I won't be starting from zero as I've upgraded some weapons and mods. And I think my adepts are already 8th level from character unlocks.

I really love Mass Effect multiplayer!

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