Opinions on when to play Omega and Leviathan during a playthrough

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I'm playing through this video game again and I am interested in opinions on when I should weave the DLC into the playthrough, I can only assume waiting a bit will help. The game takes zero effort in any of this and sneakily wants me to just fall into the dlc instantly, should I fall for it's lure? I KNOW Aria doesn't have 2 missions for me this early and one of them is for the Omega shit, and also this guys lab that I don't remember existing is now a separate place I can go to via the fast transport in the citadel and I know that's the leviathan junk...

Should I just burn that content now and get my jollies from it all at once? I'm only ~4 hours in (Coming up on Mordin's death mission).

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Omega, probably never. I bought that day 1 and got half way through, it has nothing to do with the main story, it's not a very interesting side story. As for Leviathan any time is a good time to start it, there's no right or wrong time to start it. 

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@DJJoeJoe: Play Leviathan after or before the Thessia mission, fits in well at that point of the story.

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Play it after Thessia and after Horizon

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I haven't played Leviathan yet, so that sounds like a good recommendation to start it at that point in the story.

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@Beaudacious: @Revan_NL: Radical recommendation you guys. That's basically near the end of the game with the illusion man base mission directly after those two, but that's cool. I can wait cause I enjoy this game regardless and can play Omega to mix it up until then (in fact I just went ahead and started it Omega already).

PS: So much of ME3 is dependant on your choices in the past games, for instance the Horizon mission has the preqreq of having done the me2 horizon mission, and so many little things happen or don't if you did missions in the last games. However your opinions on how the whole thing comes to a diamond head at the end the entire game up to the end in ME3 is very custom to your playthrough. Custom enough to be rewarding if you are looking into it at least, popping around on the wikia pages for the franchise is delightful. Almost every thing I've looked at has a large section at the bottom that detailed 'if you did this' kinda stuff.

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It doesn't really matter imo, maybe Leviathan towards the end. Omega wasn't really worth playing at all unless you want some closure in the Aria subplot.

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Omega is pretty isolated. You can play it at any point, really.
Leviathan is pretty heavy storywise, so I would advice you to play it after Tessia.

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Great, i had this question along with am i too far in the game to benefit from "from ashes"?.

I just finished the part with the krogan homeworld & mordin

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@The_Drizzle: @The_Drizzle: You are most certainly not too late to benefit from "From Ashes." You still have a fair amount of content in front of you, so I would recommend you run through From Ashes as soon as you can. It's good story information and Javik provides interesting commentary when you bring him along on missions.

Make sure you have him with you when you go to Thessia (towards the end of the game).


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