Part of the ending which I simply don't understand. Spoilers.

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Yes, another thread about the Mass Effect 3 ending. I apologize for the redundancy. I haven't seen this specific question asked very much, so I figured I would make a thread about it.

So at the end of the game when you're on board the Citadel with Anderson, the Illusive Man appears out of nowhere. Regardless of how this is possible or what he's even doing in this situation, I have a question: since he clearly has the drop on Anderson and Shepard, why the heck doesn't he just kill them both while they aren't looking, then make his own damn choice? It should be clear to him, and the Reapers too considering he is indoctrinated, that Shepard has up to now been resistant to his plan. So again, why not kill them both and then use the Crucible to control the Reapers? Why can't he just do this himself? Why go the risky route of trying to talk Shepard into doing his bidding once again when he's already pointed out that Shepard is now an obsolete tool, no longer needed by Cerberus?

Am I missing something here?

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TIM wants to indoctrinate Shepard. The conversation is shepard fighting TIM and convincing him he was wrong.

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Well, if you go by the nonsense spouted by the ghost baby, TIM wasn't the one they wanted to make the choices presented at the end. So maybe they were swaying TIM with their own indoctrination to fail in his own goal. Maybe TIM could kind of sense this and was trying to get Shepard on board to help him with his own agenda (shrug).

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Drama man. It's standard practice for every James Bond villain to explain his evil master plan, and the justifications thereof, in excruciating detail before killing Bond in the most elaborate and outlandish way possible.

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'Cause indoctrination theory.

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