Past Commendation Packs Now Available for Playstation Soldiers!

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Attention PlayStation 3 soldiers, we have some great news.  After working with Sony we are now able to offer you the multiplayer Commendation Packs for Operation Goliath and Operation Raptor, held previously this year.  On Wednesday May 9th, please login and check the in-game store for your Goliath and Raptor packs, free of charge.  (Ths may happen as early as... well... now depending on the region you are in).

You have to claim your packs within the next 7 days, after which they will nto be available again.

This weekend is Operation Silencer, and you will need all the firepower you can get your hands on.  Rally your squad, prepare your arsenal, and get ready to give the Reapers hell. 

*Please note that pack delivery times may vary based on region.

So far so good! I logged on and got the N7 Valiant, twice. Exactly what I was hoping for. So if you've got Mass Effect 3, and you've got a Playstation, you have most certainly missed out on some commendation packs. UNTIL TODAY. Just log in, check out the store and redeem them. As the thread says though, you have to redeem them within seven days or they will expire. 
Oh, and don't forget that OPERATION: Silencer begins tomorrow.
And for the heck of it, here's some interesting multiplayer stats!
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@N7: Valiant TWICE! The Fuck... I've worked hard for my commendations and all of them were bullshit Eagles!!!

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I love my Valiant. I don't have a Black Widow just yet, but from comparing notes from a friend who does, I'd say the Valiant might be even better. With it's slightly higher fire rate and reload speed, I'd say that it's certainly better if you like to rush as a sniper.

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@SmasheControllers: I feel you, man. When the first operation hit the PS3, me and my buddy were all excited and we completed it in a breeze. Well, when the packs came out, I was talking to him all happy, going "Oh man I hope I get the shotgun! I can't wait for the shotgun!" and he was all "Yeah, I'm probably going to get crap". Come to redeeming the packs, I totally get the shotgun and he gets... the hurricane.
He was bummed out.
But now that I've got the N7 Valiant, I'm pretty happy. I used that sniper almost exclusively in the singleplayer. It's just so fun to use.
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Oh I should log in to redeem those then .. I'm not gonna play soon but free loot! man

EDIT : I got the Crusader Shotgun and the Hurricane SMG pretty cool , I would've like an N7 heavy pistol or assult rifle but I can't complain that SMG will come handy.

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@N7: The Valiant has the highest DPS of all sniper-rifles, other than the Black Widow. Until I bought the Black Widow, I only used the Valiant in SP.

I'd happily take a Hurricane over another Eagle, with that said, The Eagle is an amazing weapon, I just don't want a level 3.

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Man, I'd give Shepard's left nut for an Eagle. Lucky bastards.

Didn't like the Valiant reward I got, used it once and kind of hated it. I've been sticking to the Carnifex III or Paladin I I've got. Still don't have the Crusader, and that was pretty much the only gun I used throughout the campaign.

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