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Here are some of my personal tips on the new Reckoning Multiplayer characters, some of these builds are super dumb and are more for fun. By not means are these builds the only way to play these characters, mess around with them yourself and see what you enjoy.

(Difficulty - * * * ) Awakened Collector - 6/6/0/6/6

  • Dark Sphere - Damage/Damage Over Time/Unstable Dark Sphere
  • Seeker Swarm - Recharge Speed/Damage Reduction/Swarm Count
  • Dark Channel -
  • Vengeful Ancient - Damage & Capacity/Headshots OR Power Damage/Collector & Prothean Weapon Damage
  • Ancient Warrior - Ascension Damage/Ascension Recharge Speed/Fitness Expert

Weapons Loadout - Since the Awakened Collector gets the passive buff to Collector and Prothean Weapons, I'd recommend the Prothean Particle Rifle and Collector SMG.
Playstyle - The Awakened Collector is an interesting character and the build I've recommended is built around Tanking and a single cooldown. The Seeker Swarm are to be up at all times since they'll provide 40% damage reduction when all four are out. Dark Sphere should be used as a means to appeal a pretty powerful DoT on mooks and can also be used to deal with bigger enemies by setting off the explosion with triggers a cooldown, but since it's your only cooldown that shouldn't be a problem. The Collector's Heavy Melee allows him to enter Ascension Mode, which increases the Collectors damage output by up to 25% at the cost of taking up to 40% more damage. Entering this mode is dangerous since it has a long animation, so find a hiding spot before entering it.

(Difficulty - * * * ) Geth Juggernaut - 6/6/0/6/6

  • Siege Pulse - Damage/Damage Reduction/Number of Shots
  • Hex Shield - Pulse/Shock/Large Shield
  • Geth Turret -
  • Geth Juggernaut - Damage & Capacity/Stability & Ammo/Weapon Damage
  • Hardened Platform - Melee Damage/Speed Boost/Squad Command OR Power Transfer

Weapons -
Playstyle -

(Difficulty - * * * * * ) Talon Mercenary - 6/6/0/6/6

Weapons -
Playstyle -

(Difficulty - * * * ) Korgan Warlord - 6/6/6/0/6

  • Tech Armor - Durability/Melee Damage OR Power Damage/Durability
  • Biotic Hammer - Damage & Force/Armor Damage/Power Hammer
  • Electrical Hammer - Shields & Barrier OR Radius/Fire Damage OR Chill/Number of Charges
  • Krogan Warlord -
  • Warlord Rage - Melee Damage/Martial Artist/Pure Rage OR Fitness Expert

Weapons -
Playstyle -

(Difficulty - * ) Alliance Infiltration Unit - 6/6/6/6/0

  • Repair Matrix - Surviabilty/Charge Capacity OR Duration/Lasting Repair Matrix
  • Tactical Cloak - All Three Upgrades are up to you, you kinda can't mess up Tactical Cloak
  • Snap Freeze - Reach/Cryo Explosion/Damage & Weakness
  • Unshackled A.I. - Weapon Damage/Headshots/Weapon Damage
  • Fitness Module -

Weapons -
Playstyle -

(Difficulty - * * * * ) Female Turian Cabal - (Caster)6/6/6/4/4 OR (Soilder)0/6/6/6/6

  • Poison Strike - Range/Poison Duration/Double Dash
  • Nightshade Blades - Damage OR Capacity/Poison Duration/Exploding Blades
  • Biotic Focus - Damage Taken/Duration/Biotic Shield
  • Turian Veteran - Damage & Stability
  • Venom Gunlets - Durability
  • Poison Strike -
  • Nightshade Blades - Damage OR Capacity/Poison Duration/Exploding Blades
  • Biotic Focus - Damage Taken/Duration/Biotic Shield
  • Turian Veteran - Damage & Stability/Headshots/Damage & Stability
  • Venom Gunlets - Durability/Shield Recharge/Fitness Expert

Weapons - I pack light, usually just a pistol, so that I can use my powers quicker. As a caster, a faster cooldown means you can Posion Strike more often. While as a Soldier, cooldowns aren't as much of an issue since Biotic Focus will be her only cooldown.
Playstyle - Biotic Focus is the Cabal's lifeline, with the Biotic Shield upgrade, the Cabal restores 40% of her shields and is invincible for .5 secs(Much more useful than it sounds.) Poison Strike's and Nightshade Blades' DoT is extremely small, so don't count on it to kill bigger enemies. Double Dash is great because it allows you to charge a group of enemies and immediately charge out or cast Biotic focus to get your shields back.

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Oooh, thanks for this! Will try some of these out on the Talon and AIU I've unlocked.

I've been playing the Collector Adept most, because I was lucky enough to unlock it day one, and I love him - easily my favourite adept, if not my favourite class in the game at the moment. I play a little differently, more of a glass cannon caster:

  • Dark Sphere - 6 (Damage/Damage over Time/Unstable Dark Sphere)
  • Seeker Swarm - 0
  • Dark Channel - 6 (Damage/Slow/Damage)
  • Vengeful Ancient - 6 (Damage & Capacity/Power Damage/Power Damage)
  • Ancient Warrior - 6 (Durability/Acension Recharge Speed/Fitness Expert)

I take a Paladin Heavy Pistol as my weapon, with ULM V for a 200% Recharge Speed and Pistol Power Amp II for the 15% Power damage - I want to unlock the lancer and see if that will give me 200% recharge speed and a beefier weapon to use between cooldowns, but that Power Amp will be hard to let go of! - and Adaptive War Amp V (+15% Biotic Damage) for his gear.

Basically, you nuke all the things. Cast dark sphere into a crowd, let it DoT over a few ticks, then cast your essentially 'free' Dark Channel (I tend to cast it at a beefier mob in the crowd I'm DS-ing, just to tick over more damage). Use the glowy-green prothean debuff from DS that paints targets to estimate your blast radius, and then when you've got 2 or 3 mobs glowing, detonate it - in Silver and Gold it's a guaranteed OHK on standard soldiers, can typically take out shielded enemies like Pyros or Collector Captains (or leave them on a single bar of health), and, depending on if you detonate it right on top of them or not, can take out a good third or up to half of a Boss-level characters shielding or armour, as well as stagger them. The cooldown post-detonation is long, about 5 or 6 seconds, so fill that time with either falling back into cover or plugging away a clip of Paladin shots on the remaining stragglers (or wait for the Dark Channel cast eariler to pick them off) before repeating your process. Due to your inherent squishiness, start the long animation of Dark Sphere from soft cover before popping out to shoot it at your desired target, and only activate Ascension mode in a safe place due to the increased damage you take (I typically only use Ascension for the recharge speed boost after a DS detonation, like when you're fighting multiple boss mobs and want to nuke it asap) - but the damage you do is more than worth it. It can take a little time to practice using DS to its maximum potential, but I really love playing the Collector like this.

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@ursus_veritas: The Awakened Collector is a great character, The way you play is similar to the way I tried at first, but I hated that DC isn't green so I specced out of it... Dumb but hey.

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Damn it my OP went full retard...

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