Should I buy/play Arrival before I get Mass Effect 3?

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I've heard that the Arrival DLC isn't very good and not worth the price, but are there any plot points or choices to make in it that I should play for myself before playing Mass Effect 3? Should I buy it and play it, or should I just read the plot details online? Thanks.

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I would advise against it. Besides it being terrible, I don't think it's necessary to understand anything about ME3, since Bioware basically forced the resolution of Arrival into the main game. You're better off watching a playthrough on YouTube, since no matter what you do, the result is the same... AFAIK.

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I didn't think it was that bad, it has a couple cool parts to it. You should probably read the plot details if you don't get it though. It really depends on how much 7 bucks is worth to you.

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A lot of people didn't like Arrival, but I'd definitely say go for it. It'd be a great way to prepare yourself for tomorrow (or technically tuesday, but I'm staying up)

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Now would be an good time to buy Arrival, as opposed to an year ago.

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It's not very good, I would recommend reading about it in wikipedia (or Giant Bomb, it's and up and coming website about video games) or watch it on youtube.

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@sonatar said:

I've heard that the Arrival DLC isn't very good and not worth the price, but are there any plot points or choices to make in it that I should play for myself before playing Mass Effect 3? Should I buy it and play it, or should I just read the plot details online? Thanks.

It doesn't really matter. I'll make it simple for you. Here's what you learn with that DLC; hey the Reapers are coming. You do make a choice that effects people but I don't think Bioware would allow for that choice to matter in ME3 because they can't assume people who have bought the new game played the Arrival DLC.

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Don't buy the dlc, it's a waste of money. Nothing new is learned and there are no choices that you can make/that effect mass effect 3.

Bottom line Shephard destroys a mass relay by pushing an asteroid into it and killing a billion Batarians. He did this to postpone the reaper invasion by not allowing them to use the relay and making them travel farther to find another one.

When I say bottom line I mean you can't not do this, there are no choices inside of this dlc.

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The only choice you have is if you wanna go stealth or guns blazing at the start.

Oh and you can choose to warn the Batarians but it literally does nothing.

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Just youtube it.  I played it free and was meh'd by it.

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It wasn't terrible, it's just not the Mass Effect 2 experience most people had playing the rest of the game. I still think the last area of the last level is the best in the game.

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Just recently purchased it myself for the same reason you are pondering over. I'm not entirely sure what to think. I'd say if you want to donate $7 to Bioware and a few hours of your time, go for it. If not, there's always wiki's, like place about video games!!, or youtube.

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i literally played through it yesterday cause i've had it sitting on my xbox for months and i wanted to remember how the game played in prep for next week. in terms of story it does nothing really but set up why Shepard has to go back to earth.

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Does it have trophies/achievements? Because some people are into that sort of thing.

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@WMoyer83: it's got a 50pt ach for beating it.

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Playing all of the dlc/missions for ME2, I can easily say it was the weakest of the bunch.  I thought it added an interesting story to the plot but I don't think any of it is necessary.  I'm not sure if there was any story choices that carry over, if there was I'd say that and the 50 pts is all its worth.  

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No reason not to, it may not be super fantastic but It will add a little extra something to your play through of ME3.

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I would only advise buying it if you're a Bioware and/or Mass Effect fan boy, like me.

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Thanks for all the advice. At this point I think I'll just skip it, especially since you all told me what happens plot-wise (thanks for saving me the trouble of looking it up elsewhere). I think my $7 is better spent elsewhere.

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I didn't mind it, but I'll take any ME I can get.

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No. It's just a cash-in and not worth your time. It's extremely short and doesn't introduce any interesting level design or scenery.

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I have to agree with the sentiment of passing on it. It's very brief and nothing in it really reveals anything you don't already know. If it goes on sale cheap maybe, but you will be fine to just play ME3.

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I was also wondering if it was worth the $7 they are still asking for it. Sounds like a strong NO.

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If it is a sign of what ME3 will be like then maybe I can see why everyone is worried.

I amazed by all this ME3 craziness. So much anger and emotion over a single game that's not even out yet.

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I say do it.

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Not really worth the money to be honest. Just read a synopsis of it on here or something.

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