Should I download the "Extended Cut Ending" for ME3?

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So finally reading week is just around the corner and i'm finally able hopefully finish Mass Effect 2 so that I can get round to playing Mass Effect 3. I of course did hear that many people had concerns about the original ending, though had no insight since I had never played the trilogy until this past Christmas. So without any spoilers or hints at what may or may not happen, should I play the 3rd game with the original ending or with the "new" one? Thanks all!

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Yes, absolutely. Or maybe it's worth playing through with the OG ending first, just to see what all the fuss was about? Then you could install the extended ending, and then load up your save again before you underwent the final stretch of the game.

#3 Posted by TowerSixteen (554 posts) -

New one. It is an unqualified improvement.

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There's no reason to use the old endings. Go for it!

#5 Posted by ThePhantomnaut (6288 posts) -

Hell yeah.

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No harm to it, just get it. It only adds epilogues and somewhat inconsequential dialogue, as far as I remember.

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Yes, absolutely. The endings aren't that different, but the extended one adds a few more dialogue choices and epilogue scenes.

#8 Posted by Ghostiet (5748 posts) -

Get it. It's still bad, but the original is plainly insulting.

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finally able hopefully finish Mass Effect 2

Man, I hope so. That game is too good too miss out on completing.

Also, yes, just download it. There's no reason to see the original version at this point. Save yourself the pain.

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My god yes, your better off with that ending. I played the game with the original one and it was not a good experience.

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I wouldn't bother. They both suck. The extended ones just clarify things in the most boring predictable way possible.

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Yes. You should also probably get Leviathan, From Ashes, and Citadel. I had all that when I played through and came out of it feeling like ME3 was the best one. Sure, people have problems with the ending, but the rest of the game is so good.

#13 Posted by Gamer_152 (14303 posts) -

Yes. That Extended Cut ending is by no means perfect, but it does clear up a lot of the problems with the original. Unless you're set on exploring the history of the series and exactly why people had a problem with that original ending, there's no reason to play it.

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Let me put it this way: Brad went in to Mass Effect 3 with all of the DLC, including the Extended Cut, without having played vanilla ME3, beat the game, and was happy with it. Then he went back and read about all of the differences between original and extended cut, and was left with his mind completely blown.

#15 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (6370 posts) -

I'd recommend it.

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