Show me your Multiplayer character names!

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Figured I'd take a gander at other duder's character names for ME3 multiplayer. Post your wittiest (or not) names below! The one I'm most proud of is my Salarian infiltrator:

Earthworm Salarian

The rest of my pop culture reference crew

ME3 characters

What have you all come up with? Honorable mention is that I named my Geth Engineer as Mp3, though that's kind of lazy.

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I named my Krogan Vanguard "Kroguardo." That's about it, really. Also named the first Krogan I unlocked "Kroganime." Nothing as awesome as Earthworm Jim, clearly.

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@AlwaysBeClothing: Holy crap, I named my last Salarian Infiltrator the exact same thing! Exact same armour too! Freaky!

I've tended to name my human characters after film/tv characters who do similar jobs. So, my engineer's called Kaylee (after the Firefly character), my soldiers named Vasquez (Aliens).

The aliens I've been naming after different nationality type names (all my Turians are Icelandic for some reason, Quarians are French, Asari are Islamic names etc).

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Since no one else sees them, I just go with "BatarianSoldier" or the equivalent for each type...boring, I know.

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I wanted to name an Asari Vangaurd "Death Bitch" but the 360 had other plans.

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I had a salarian infiltrator and I named him "man bone." I don't know why.

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@Galiant said:

Since no one else sees them, I just go with "BatarianSoldier" or the equivalent for each type...boring, I know.

Yeah, I'm kind of annoyed I have to name them before I can use them. I see no point in naming them anything. It's like naming a pet rock. (Or Shepard, since no one ever says his/her name anyway. I personalized it the first time, but every time after that, it's just "John" or "Jane.") The only exceptions are when the race/class combo doesn't fit and I have to get mildly creative (e.g. "Salarian Spy"), or my new Asari Justicar, which I just turned red and named Samara since I'd rather see the main characters in action instead of these generic ones.

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I lol'd

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Lori is my adept.

Creative I know.

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I have two: Drill-Drill the Drell, and Predictus, a turian who always attacks the same way.

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Atlas the geth infiltrator

Nahla the asari ...something, can't remember

Akali (LoL name) the quarian engineer

Jax (LoL name again) forgot what he was

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My Turian's name is Regis and my female Vanguard is Batman.

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I had a Salarian Engineer I named Gordon. He was orange.

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My Drell Adept is Drelltron 3030, and my Krogan Soldier is Seth Krogan.

I'm really clever, you guys.

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Change them everytime they get to level 20 and get promoted.

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