So how high does your EMS have to be to get the best ending?

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Currently I'm siiting on a total military strength of 6902. With my Effective Military Strength being exactly half that since I haven't played any multiplayer yet and it's sitting at %50. So does anyone have a definitive answer about how high my EMS has to be to get the best possible ending. I have full paragon bar as well if that matters.

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Is your green bar full?

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Although there really isn't a best ending in this game. They are all kind of the same.

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Is the bar fully green? Because if it is you get the best ending.

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I don't remember which was which but my top number was just over 6K and my bottom number was just over 3K and I got the extra little bit at the end of the credits.

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5000. The only difference is a couple extra seconds right before the credits, and you can watch that on YouTube if you don't want to obsess over trying to get it that high (especially since you pretty much need to play online to get it that high).

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Why are there like 40 threads about EMS? It's so simple. Fill the bar. You win!

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@FLStyle: @DonChipotle: @Death_Unicorn: @MooseyMcMan: So wait, does the EMS need to be 5000 or the total military strength? Also yes, my bar is fully green.

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It's like Ghostbusters. Bar is green...ending is....clean?

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@LiquidPrince said:

The EMS needs to be 5000. So you either need 10,000 total strength (which I think is impossible), or you need to play online. I had 7,000-ish, and got my Galactic Readiness to about 70%, and that got it up to 5000-ish. And that 7000 was me doing everything I could.

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You can get the best option for the endings by just playing the single player. If you bar is green and full you are set, no worries.

I finished the game with 50% galactic readiness and got the best option for my ending decision.

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@LiquidPrince: Mine was about 7500 and I like to play the multiplayer so it was about 95% so my final military strength was 7150.

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My EMS was at 7,136 when I finished the game but I didn't get the extra scene at the end. I'm pretty sure you need to have your EMS in order before going on the Priority: Horizon Priority: Cerberus Headquarters mission, which I did not.

Edit: I confirmed this myself last night.

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You only need 4,000 if you destroyed the reaper base at the end of 2

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@Dallas_Raines said:

You only need 4,000 if you destroyed the reaper base at the end of 2

How do you know this?

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@mano521 said:

@LiquidPrince said:

@Dallas_Raines said:

You only need 4,000 if you destroyed the reaper base at the end of 2

How do you know this?

warning spoilers

I'd rather not look at that yet... I take my Mass Effect real serious!

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@LiquidPrince: then just take our word for it. minimum ems for the best ending is 4000 i believe

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