So I recently played through Leviathan

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So I finally played through the Leviathan DLC I've been putting off for quite some time... and it's pretty fucking great!

The story is great, it adds appropriately to the fiction and the universe, you get to play detective/puzzle solver for a bit.

Which brings me to my next point - I've kinda forgotten Mass Effect 3 was one of my favorite games this year, and I feel that it will not get enough credit come GOTY time.

I know Giant Bomb will probably dismiss it, and at worse claim it was the most disappointing game this year, which would be very inaccurate.

Erm... I think I had some other point to make, but whatever, I forgot.

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I wish it was in the main game at launch like with the ending DLC. I would have been more positive about the game if I experienced that stuff on my initial playthrough.

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My game of the year, and I definitely enjoyed Leviathan.

Spoilery question, though...

When the Leviathan controls the Reaper, why weren't they able to do that when the Reapers took em out back in the day?

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Maybe that's one of the "problems", that interesting, some might call it essential, lore stuff is tied to DLC?

Even the most interesting, at least in my eyes, party member is bound to DLC as well...

I am also on a playthrough at the moment, and for now I am not enjoying it that much (the game already "lost" me after "my" Sheppard doesn't look like my Sheppard any more)... Currently at the "Priority: Tuchanka" point in the game, finished all side stuff (including the two DLCs) so far, and "Leviathan" was the best mission so far, and according to what I've heard will be the best content till the end.

But I also wasn't a big fan of part 2, I'll just playing for completion, as I have the feeling that I need to finish it.

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@dr_mantas: I doubt it'll make the cut for "most disappointing" as basically everyone is saying they at least like it. If it did, it would be HILARIOUS as one of the few times that the crew agreed with the Vocal Minority on the site.

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Yup leviathan is fucking awesome. Hell mass effect 3 is fucking awesome.

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@Undeadpool said:

@dr_mantas: I doubt it'll make the cut for "most disappointing" as basically everyone is saying they at least like it. If it did, it would be HILARIOUS as one of the few times that the crew agreed with the Vocal Minority on the site.

Most disappointing on the fiction side maybe but after the release of RE 6 I think we all know what game is getting that "award".

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I never had a problem with the story or ending, but this being in the main game definitely would've helped for those people that threw a hissy fit.

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I'm playing through it for the first time right now and I'm loving the game so far. Leviathan was awesome, I really liked all the Citadel detective work you had to do, it wasn't overly complicated but investigating the lab to try to find where to go was cool. The story had some really great creepy moments and the payoff at the end kinda blew my mind a little. That whole end sequence was amazing.

Just beat Omega and that was awesome. I dunno maybe the game takes a huge dump at the end but so far I don't know what all the griping was about. I guess if the DLC fleshes out the end that could be part of it.

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@TheSouthernDandy: All the EC does is explicitly spell out a bunch of stuff that should have been inferred by anyone with half a brain. To Bioware's credit (?), that's what a lot of the bandwagon complaints seemed to be about. Just people angry that they couldn't put two and two together. The rest of the complaints came from people who had impossible expectations for the ending.

If you're having fun with the game so far, I'm pretty sure you're going to keep on having fun all the way to the end.

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@StarvingGamer: Yeah I had chalked it up to mostly internet crazy people. Glad to hear it holds up.

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I wouldn't worry about the effects of ME3's early release date on its GOTY standings. Brad playing it right now will make sure it is brought up and Jeff's slightly sour opinion on it will ensure it doesn't win any of the site's awards. As far as the individual lists, I'd be surprised if it didn't make a couple. Maybe Brad and Vinny.

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